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More effective internationalization and pedagogic strategies for innovation come with complex processes.

TestWe helps you simplify just that!

What are your challenges today?

Not enough time

Too many internal solutions

Missing ressources

Lack support

Unsustainable processes

Dean and President of university

For organisations developing excellence in learning and assessments , TestWe enhance your reputation as well as your diploma's credibility and gives back better armed students for their employability.

  • Enhance the school reputation through innovation and digital transformation

  • Reduce operational cost (in average 40%)

  • Increase your students' employability rate through enhanced soft skills for better prepared graduates

Academic director and eLearning Manager

For organisations whom top priority is their students' future , TestWe delivers a must-have solution committed to learning progress and outcomes through easy, effective and secure assessment.

  • Reduce the skills gap for better student employability

  • Gain in average 2.000 hours of teaching or research time against admin and focus to better support students

  • Assist each student's pace and progress with detailed learning analytics

  • Lead the way to innovation through digital improvement

  • Guarantee the exam integrity by locking down the student's device

  • Cuts professors workload in half

CIO, IT Manager

For organisations looking for leveraging swiftly existing LMS , TestWe delivers a synergic and secure solution for better productivity and collaboration across all departments.

  • Simplified integration with existing MLS for an end-to-end solution

  • Secure and unbreakable solution

  • Collaborative solution for better internal processes

  • SSO integration

Professors and lecturers

For professors looking to gain insight into learning progress and reducing admin tasks, TestWe delivers an end-to-end solution.

  • Intuitive solution, easy to use

  • Reduce delays in creation and correction

  • Focus on educational quality vs admin tasks

  • The end of huge piles of paper and laborious marking

  • Follow-up on class results and progress with learning analytics


For students who want to practice for exams and structure better their answers, TestWe offers a simple and intuitive software. TestWe, the easiest test you'll ever take!

  • 90% satisfaction: easy to use, and intuitive solution

  • Practice important exams to be ready for the D-Day

  • Easily structure and rephrase to render a clean copy at the end of the examination

  • No internet connection required

  • Faster results

"Those who usually organised the event were delighted: no printing of registration lists, no reprography of subjects, no booking of classes, no supervisors to recruit. From 40 to 2 persons to oversee the final exams."

Digital Manager at University of Nanterre

"My school year was at stake… So thanks a lot TestWe, for your work and your support!"

Student at Skema Business School