Manage easily the assessment cycle

Creating and administering exams is a difficult task when thousand of students are involved. TestWe solves this problem, which is becoming more and more common for academic team.

How to assess your students using TestWe?

Successfully carry out a continuous evaluation of your students

Follow-up activities can mean a great deal of resources and time for professors. If the objective of your institution is to achieve quality learning in a sustainable way, the tools that TestWe proposes will be key for the balance between time and effort. You will be able to easily and intuitively keep the individual record of each student.

Final exams: choose face-to-face or remote mode

The exams through TestWe can be carried out safely both in-person and remotely. We have designed our platform according to the most advanced technologies to ensure that the results are reliable and transparent.

Forget about the Internet issues

Teachers often avoid choosing digital tools due to poor Internet connection. Exams with TestWe have anticipated this situation: students only need the Internet to download the software to their computer, but not during the exam.

If you have questions about the security of downloading our program, you can learn more about our privacy policies in our Support page.

Import all data in just a few clicks

Students, teachers and classes management can be a headache when it comes to assigning online tests in higher education. This is why our software is capable of importing data through LMS. It means that data can be integrated in the platform in just a few clicks and with 0 margin error.

Ease your institution accreditation process

TestWe platform allows the centralization of data related to the acquisition of students' knowledge and softskills, which greatly facilitates the accreditation process of institutions (e.g.: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). Obtaining an accreditation is proof of pedagogical excellence proving that the content of teaching is in line with academic standards and the constant search for improvement.

Anti-fraud technology

University professors have access to a series of tools that minimize the cheating factor for both in-class and remote exams. With TestWe set a double identification via webcam before entering the lockdown and secure test environment.