Digitizing the management of intake tests and other examinations

Higher education institutions must continually organize numerous exam sessions. To optimize this essential but time-consuming task, TestWe digitizes this evaluation process and offers an exam management solution, from exam creation to analysis, proctoring and grading.

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Secure and anti-fraud environment

Manage your exams accessibility and monitoring as you like.

Offline mode

Administer exams to thousands of candidates. Even without internet.

Seamlessly integrating with your tools

Seamlessly integrating with your tools.

How to evaluate your students with TestWe?

  • Remote or in-class exams, just as easy

    Exams with TestWe can be built and organized in complete security, both in-class and remote. Designed with the most advanced technologies, our platform guarantees flexibility of organization, reliability and transparency of results.

  • Organize successfully the continuous assessment of your students

    TestWe is an optimal solution for organizing continuous assessment tests. The follow-up of learning is done quickly and effortlessly thanks to the individual file of each student.

  • Forget about connection issues

    With TestWe, no more network instability or internet connection problems. Students no longer need an internet connection during their exam.

  • Import your data in a few clicks

    Embed TestWe platform with CRM, ERP or LMS in order to import all your data without any margin of error. Assigning exams, managing students, teachers and classes will become a breeze.

  • Simplify your institution's accreditation process

    TestWe centralizes all data related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills of students, making any AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA, or other accreditation process much easier.

  • Anti-fraud technology

    Professors have a range of tools at their disposal to minimize the risk of fraud for both in-class and distance learning exams. TestWe allows dual webcam identification before entering a secure testing environment.