Integrating technology in high school's classrooms

The evaluation tools in the classroom have demonstrated a great advantage in the educational process, even for pedagogical teams. The ability to take highly interactive tests online and in person is just the first advantage of our platform.

Technologies for teachers: using TestWe in high school

Test taking strategies for high school students

Improving test taking skills in high school is easy with our platform. TestWe is perfect for creating highly customized formative assessments as well as summative assessments. Teachers will be able to follow up the progress of each student in order to propose study goals, highly specialized objectives or even to train their anxiety management in an exam situation.

Soft skills to increase student learning

Assessments provide of valuable information about the progress on student learning, which can be the key when setting goals and customized material for group classes. If learner-centered education was tricky in the past when related to exams, our platform has come to change it all.

Teachers can keep track of each student's process and even access data in charts format to identify what students need to practice.

Make assessments meaningful for middle and high school

How to create an effective formative assessment? Technology is a great tool that enhances teaching and learning. Thanks to TestWe's exam software it is possible to manage regular high school activities in the most practical way.

Whether your choice goes for formative assessments or summative assesments, you will find a highly intuitive interface for customizing tasks and handling its correction.

A solution suited for online high school

TestWe's assessment services are perfectly compatible with online secondary education. Prepare follow-up activities for your students using only their computer.

Take a step beyond tests: TestWe for homework

TestWe technology allows not only to conduct assessments for high school students. Make the most of the platform to also schedule follow-up work to complement each student's final grade.

The activities can be carried out remotely, with all the advantages of TestWe.

Anti-fraud technology

We offer tools that allow your students to take exams in-class or from home in a safe way and whatever the device: family computer, lab-room computer, personnal laptop.