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How it works?

A solution that answers you and your candidates’ needs!

How it works?

TestWe is the perfect secure testing tool designed for your establishment: an online platform for faculty and professors and an offline software for students.

Online platform for professors, instructors and faculty
  • Multimedia content
  • Intuitive tool
  • Collaborative tool
  • Exam creation, management and grading
  • Reporting
  • Offline software for candidates
  • Multi-support
  • Secure and cheat-free
  • Offline
  • Writing and reading comfort
  • création examen

    Exam creation

    • Large variety of question types: We go beyond simple MCQ so that you can create interactive exams for your candidates (MCQ, fill in the blank tests, dissertations, graphics...)
    • All subjects: scientific, literary, languages, economics...
    • All multimedia content: audio, video, image...
    • Randomized questions and answers
    • Integration of syllabi (exam categories, learning goals and learning objectives integrated, coefficients)
    Questionnaire à choix multiples
    Questionnaire à choix unique
    Questions à réponses courtes
    Short Answer

    Academic data tracking

    • Stats on every exam, question by question
    • Bigger picture of your candidates and classes’ evolution

    Accessibility and security

    • Integrate TestWe to your LMS-ERP - create and correct exams directly there
    • No need for the internet on the candidate’s software
    • Data protection
    correction d'examen

    Exam correction

    • Automated correction on MCQ
    • Ability to circle, underline, cross out and comment on exams from your device!
    • All multimedia content: audio, video, image...
    • Automatic assignment of copies


    • Academic data collection and monitoring
    • TestWe in white label for your establishment
    • Available in the language you need