Take a secure online assessment? Your dream comes true with TestWe!

TestWe is the leader provider of e-exam platform. We understand the importance of exams and how challenging they can be. In order to avoid temptation on cheating, our software will prevent any other app from running in the computer during the exam.

How to cheat on an online exam? Students will need more than a lot of imagination!

Proctoring - Digital Monitoring

One of the greatest challenges in modern education is the security in the evaluation of knowledge.

We offer a proctoring solution that minimizes the risk of fraud for both in class and remote exams. The system is based on the identification and monitoring via the webcam, allowing a safe and reliable environment in a digital context.

Speak data language with the Learning Analytics

What’s smartest than data science? Learning Analytics use academic data collection and provides its visualization for a comprehensive goal.

Access to soft skills spider charts, set learning goals and get customized analytics reporting student per student.

It’s only assessments, but in a smarter way

Take your test creation to the next level. Management is a one of the most powerful features of our assessment tool: create your exam, set the hour and date and select the group of students or exam-takers it will be assigned to. You can also select automatic correction or handle manual grading with your PA and colleagues.

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