Make professional certifications easier to handle

Thanks to the possibility of establishing strengths in different areas of knowledge such as languages, ISO certifications or even in technical fields, certifications and accreditations have grown in popularity within young professionals as well as experts.

TestWe is a flexible assessment software, but also secure and easy to use for validating skills.

How to assess your candidates with TestWe?

Add efficiency to Professional Certificate programs

With an increasingly demand for specialized talents, training centers have taken on to offer a wide variety of courses.

TestWe platform has been developed to streamline the cetification process through an efficient evaluation system.

Manage your skills tests easily

Skills assesment highlights the strengths of a candidate. The use of a questions bank that displays random exercises from a candidate to another is only one of the useful aspects of the TestWe platform for certification centers.

Make your certification assessment available all over the world

TestWe assessment software is highly effective for every professional or academic training courses.

With TestWe you can administer professional training certifications from anywhere: you can take a face-to-face exam with dozens of candidates in the same room or remotely at the same time.

Anti-fraud technology

Certifications with more credibility thanks to the anti-fraud system we offer. The possibility of fraud is minimal as we have software that does not allow other open applications, webcam identification, question randomization and much more.