The secure solution for professional skills endorsement

Certifications and qualifications have become increasingly popular with young professionals and experts alike, who want to confirm or acquire skills in a wide range of areas such as languages, technical fields or ISO certifications. TestWe is a secure and easy-to-use face-to-face or remote assessment solution ideal for validating certifications and other qualifications.

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Secure and anti-fraud environment

Manage the accessibility and monitoring of your pre-screening interviews as you see fit.

Remote and face-to-face modes

Switch your interviews from in-person to remote in seconds.

Seamlessly integrating with your tools

Embed TestWe platform with CRM, ERP or LMS tools.

Obtain the Qualiopi certification thanks to TestWe

Since January 1, 2022 the French Qualiopi certification is mandatory for any training wishing to benefit from state aid. TestWe supports you to obtain certification by helping you manage your exams remotely.

How to evaluate your learners with TestWe?

  • Optimize the progress of certifications and end-of-course qualifications

    The TestWe solution has been developed to streamline the process of organizing certifications and qualifications through a simple and efficient system.

  • Smartly manage your skills test

    TestWe offers key features that enable training centers and organizations to coordinate, classify, and share a question pool by creating random tests.

  • Organize all your certifications and qualifications, remotely or in a training room

    As well adapted to face-to-face as to distance learning, TestWe is a platform that allows to organize the certification and qualification processes of training centers.

  • Anti-fraud technology

    Professors have a range of tools at their disposal to minimize the risk of fraud for both in-class and distance learning exams. TestWe allows dual webcam identification before entering a secure testing environment.