A channel called WeTestEd

Hey everyone! We just wanted to tell you we decided to launch a new format of content called WeTestEd. Original no? WeTest (TestWe upside down) and Ed for Education? And WeTestEd like we tested this or that?. Ok anyway.

Basically, it’s going to be podcasts and videos in an attempt to give you great, really great content to listen to or to watch.

WeTestEd Podcasts

Every week or so we’re going to interview actors of Education (students, professors, administrators, entrepreneurs, researchers) to talk about projects, innovation and about the state of education today and what we should change.

The goal here is to offer a critical view of Education and go deeper than simply introducing people and their projects/research.

The first episode is coming out very soon!

WeTestEd Videos

That’s the real challenge here. At TestWe we’re particularly fans of Vox videos. We’re fans of how they make it easy to understand complex subjects. We decided to try to do the same.

We’re going to analyze Education, the problems of its system, its new pedagogies and methods with the help of experts we’re going to interview!

The challenge here is to make the complex world of Education understandable for students as for professors and entrepreneurs.

We hope you’ll like it, we’re going to do some in French, other in English, but always with subtitles! Be ready, it’s coming soon!