Top 5 Learning analytics tools

Learning analytics is still in the air tonight. I previously delivered a report on Learning analytics and the infinite opportunities it offered to the world of Education. If you still have difficulty to understand what it is or how it works, I invite you to have a look at this document. It might help you!

Learning analytics is a vast, vast area in which we find very different tools accomplishing very different tasks. Still, they can be considered as Learning analytics solutions.

Let’s remind ourselves that Learning analytics is the application of data collection, analytics, measurement and reporting to Education with the goal of improving and optimizing learning and learning environment for students.

I’d like to stress the word “optimizing” because this is the final goal of this sort of solutions: making teachers’ lives easier to help focus on what matters the most, students and learning improvement.

So here’s the list of 5 Edtech-Learning analytics-tools that will greatly optimize your workload and in the end, help students progress.

1. Yet analytics

Yet Analytics is in some sort one of the most complete Learning Record Store/ Data visualization tools on the market. Using xAPI to develop its platform, Yet provide a whole lot of different visual analytics to help you improve your learning content and help your students learn as well as possible.

  • Yet provides insightful analytics on talent development, role readiness and career pathing
  • It provides rich engagement analytics through different learning ecosystems
  • It provides precise predictive analytics solutions

2. Wooclap

I previously introduced Wooclap in this post. The audience response system app is one of the best tool to improve in-class students’ engagement. The Belgian startup proved they could greatly improve students’ learning via their playful system of in-class quizzes app. All thanks to students’ smartphones. The fact of the matter is that this app is also a Learning analytics tool. Why?

  • They provide analytics to professors. Indeed, they can easily check who responded to what and how much time they took to answer.
  • They provide a feedback wall so that students can communicate (during the course and after) to their professors and tell them what part of the course was difficult to understand, or which part was great etc. Thus, it’s a great qualitative data provider.

3. Bright Bytes

BrightBytes provides a SaaS-based data analytics platform focusing on four basic frameworks that measure the effects of technology in a school.

  • Their analytics tool lets you evaluate how teachers and students use technology for learning.
  • It studies the availability of devices and Internet access throughout the school and at home.
  • It measures the skill levels of teachers and students with multimedia.
  • It evaluates the school culture, professional development, and technology needs across the organisation.

    Part of 2018’s learning analytics tools watchlist, BrightBytes is a great solution to match your needs with the tools you use.

4. Clever

Clever is one the US most growing startup in Edtech right now. Providing a single sign-on tool to students and teachers in order to navigate between all software and learning resources (among other products), Clever recently launched Goals.

First, Goals tool lets teachers set objectives for each of their students like activities to do, resources to use and so on. Then, it lets professors track the progress of their students with accuracy (students can follow their progress too).

Although data analytics with Clever don’t go as far as Yet analytics, for example, it is still a very interesting solution to assist students in their learning process and to check their personal engagement with learning resources.

5. Knewton

Knewton is an impressive US startup providing a platform that aims at facilitating adaptive learning through data analysis.

By analyzing real-time performance data of students, Knewton Alta, its higher ed solution, helps professors adapt their courses to each of their students and track their progress. Knewton provides also its own verified online courses that will automatically adapt to students’ progress.

Finally, Knewton provides a complete Learning analytics solution for enterprises, focusing on the best data and insights to help educators adapt and improve their content according to learners’ needs. Knewton is already quite famous, but their continuous improvement is just fantastic.