Top learning content and blogs to follow

Summer is about relaxing, of course. It’s also a great moment to get inspired for Back-to-school and fill yourself with ideas you’ll use to innovate in your pedagogy. You know, be prepared to impress them like never before.

For this purpose, we found for you some great learning content and blogs you should follow to get that most wanted inspiration. Some are directly related to Education some are not.

We selected them because of their format, because of the content they offer and the ideas they share.

Here we go!


This is Evan Puschak, the Nerdwriter. He does magnificent video essays on several subjects going from political and economic analysis to film and art analysis.

His videos became so popular that his editing style influenced many, many, many Youtube essayists..

Apart from delivering interesting learning content on so many subjects, Puschak is inspiring for a teacher who wants to innovate and propose other formats of assignments or projects to his students.

We wrote here a study on video essays and how it is a powerful tool for Education.

Don Wettrick’s StartEdUp Innovation

Now, this is Don Wettrick. His pedagogical approach is totally innovating, disrupting, incredible.

Wettrick is proposing very promising methods of assessments, grading and students’ self-development. So much that it turns Education upside down.

You must follow his blog here and vlog here and here.

We wrote another study about his methods, notably the ROTH Ira process he uses with his students that kind of resembles Growth hacking.

Believe us when we say this man helps students exploit their full potential, master skills and become experts, activists or entrepreneurs in various domains.

It’s just impressive and inspiring. There’s nothing better for teachers than watching examples like this.

Cult of Pedagogy

This blog is like a cave full of treasures. Founder and Editor in Chief of the blog Jennifer Gonzalez (that’ her below) gives with her co-authors passionate and resourceful insights and interviews on Education’s most interesting innovation as its most alarming issues.

Jennifer Gonzalez is a gem for every teacher, education innovator or student who wants to go further, to know more about what’s going on in the alternative side of Education.

Her interviews gather true entrepreneurs of learning who experiment learning techniques with their students and met success. Gonzalez’s (and the other writers of this blog of course) interviews and reports will inspire you to act as soon as possible. Simple, just subscribe to Cult of Pedagogy.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is kind of a growth hacker, master of processing things in order to accelerate learning.

To summarize his accomplishments, apart from launching successful businesses and investing, he wrote several bestseller books and became a Chinese kickboxing champion, among other things, using accelerated learning techniques.

We really recommend you to follow his blog, you will find interesting methods you could try to implement with your students.

Accelerated learning is an incredible domain that everyone should study.

Vox and Vox – Borders

Vox videos and blog offer a superb analysis of current affairs and many diverse subjects (like the (Mostly) true story of hobo graffiti you will definitely learn something great here). Vox is a media that investigate a lot and that try to go deeper than the rest.

The Vox – Borders subchannel is (for us) even more interesting as the Emmy-nominated journalist Johnny Harris (below, swimming between Haïti and the Dominican Republic) goes at borders between two countries and analyses the geopolitical situation (cultural, social, economic, etc.) and its impact on the culture and the day-to-day life of people.

This learning content is a resource and a blog you should use to try to innovate or to propose new sources of knowledge and discussion in class with students, as well as new formats of assignments and group projects.

There are many other content and resources you should take a look at, but these ones just slapped us in the face. We leave you pleasure to take a look at them and enjoy this late Summer period.