TestWe partners with Peergrade

TestWe partners with the Danish Edtech startup Peergrade!

What’s Peergrade?

Peergrade is a free online platform to facilitate peer feedback sessions with students. Concretely, it allows professors to create and manage assignments that will be reviewed and commented by students between them.

During that feedback session, professors can track all feedback shared between students as well as the progression of their students on a specific subject.

Thanks to an intuitive design and efficient way to improve students’ learning experience, Peergrade has been able to attract numerous universities like UCL, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen Business School, Texas A&M University and others.

Although Peergrade is mostly used in and designed for higher education, it is also used in K12.

Peergrading is an alternative type of assessment

In our previous white paper, we already talked about peer grading and showed how efficient it could be for the learning experience. As we try to change the way exams, tests, assignments or assessments are given and taken, we obviously are very interested in alternative assessments such as peer grading.

That is why we first contacted the Peergrade team to understand their product better. We quickly became fans of their work and understood that our two products, TestWe and Peergrade, had a match.

After several introductions and discussions, we decided to team up.

What’s the partnership about?

What we figured out was that we could propose our solutions as a package. You may need an e-Assessment solution like TestWe to optimize and digitize your assessment process on a global level, but you’ll maybe need more tools to diversify as much as possible your formats of exams. Here, you can get Peergrade with TestWe.

On the other side, you may need Peergrade to test and change toward more alternative assessments, but you may also need a solution to help you manage on a global level the digitization of your assessment process and still use more traditional types of assessment. Here you can get Peergrade and TestWe as a package.

So here you go! If you have more question, simply contact us!

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