Practical Guide to Online Assessments Management

Over the last months, many Higher Education institutions have implemented e-exam solutions to enable exams and assessments to be held despite lockdowns and closures.

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Find out all you need to know before deploying an exam management tool.

10 criteria to be considered when choosing your assessment tool

  1. Administration management with several types of users and access (admin, professors, editors, supervisors, learners)
  2. Automated and collaborative creating exams and assessments between teachers
  3. The types of questions possible (MCQs, free questions, etc.)
  4. Use of multimedia materials (text, images, videos, etc.)
  5. Asynchronous assessment management, face-to-face or remotely
  6. Securing exams and assessments
  7. Monitoring exams and evaluations
  8. Offline mode, for learners with unstable internet connections
  9. Integration with LMS and other management tools
  10. Compliant with French and European regulations (RGPD, CNIL, )

Digitize your assessments on 5 key steps

Outline your objectives and strategy

Each University and Higher Education Institution has its own background and therefore its specific challenges. When Institutions have to digitize their exams, they are looking for ways to improve their attractiveness and competitiveness in order to optimize existing processes by  expanding the efficiency of their educational teams, furthermore making exams accessible to all. In this current uncertain health environment, where the closure of Institutions remains a possibility, some Institutions have anticipated government decisions in order to ensure that assessments would be held in all situations.

Pinpointing a test scope

When launching a test scope project, Institutions would rather choose to deploy TestWe Tool on a “minor” scale by often approaching a campus, or a specific area.
Launching the test within such a narrow scope, allows Institutions to test and progress the processes and pinpoint the obstructing points, increase awareness and focus on the best practices, which will be useful on a larger-scale implementation process.

Supporting teams and learners

The implementation of new methods and tools requires the support of users, whether they are teachers, supervisors or students. TestWe is a platform that is intuitive enough to be used by all types of users, an undeniable advantage to ensure total acceptance by all.

Monitoring the results

The Institution would have to monitor the project using accurate indicators to secure grip in the hand or to anticipate challenges. Some of the most common indicators are the number of active users, the number of exams taken, the number of corrections made.

Deploy to all

Once the project has been deployed for several weeks in the test scope, and corrections have been carried out, the tool can be implemented more widely. Once more, the users support and communication will be crucial to secure a smooth launch.


TestWe offers a simple, secure and offline solution to help High School and Higher Education Institutions,Training Centers and Corporations streamline their online or remote assessment processes.

Download the infographic

Find out all you need to know before deploying an exam management tool.