How does TestWe monitor training courses?

Training organizations (TOs) are obliged to monitor and evaluate their training courses. These elements of proof can be essential for maintaining certification or guaranteeing the legitimacy of a training course. The good news is that TestWe offers all the tools you need to validate training follow-up. Here’s how.

How can I track training progress?

Tools for tracking student or candidate progress

Training organizations set objectives for their courses. The aim is generally to validate the acquisition of skills. For the certification or diploma to be legitimate, it must be demonstrated that there is a process in place to evaluate the achievement of objectives. This process must also be formalized and implemented.

Both face-to-face and distance learning training centers can use :

– Tools for assessing learning during and at the end of training (hot and cold);

– Self-evaluation tools for beneficiaries;

– Intermediate assessments ;

– Reports;

– Success rates for professional certifications and competitive examinations;

– Skills booklet;

– Proof of certification.

In France, there is a body that validates certifications. Training organizations must follow a reference system. Indicator 11 is linked to indicator 5 of the Qualiopi reference framework, which certifies that training objectives are operational and can be assessed.

A major challenge for training organizations

Training organizations often make a point of proving the seriousness of their teaching (signed attendance sheets, teaching aids). They also demonstrate the reality of the test required to obtain the certificate (final exam schedule). But today’s training funders also want to be sure that their employees are paying full attention during the course.

TestWe tools for training follow-up

TestWe, the The European reference for online exams and certifications, supports training organizations in proving that courses are running smoothly and that trainees are following them. The solution includes all the necessary tools.

TestWe includes tools for proving the existence and implementation of a process for evaluating the achievement of objectives:

– Regular assessments;

– Candidate follow-up of results;

– Proof of candidate identity;

– etc.

By choosing TestWe to organize their exams, training organizations are assured of being able to prove the quality of their training courses. This adds real value to their various courses and certifications.