Generative AI to help teachers and examiners!

First, there was the amazement of easy use of generative AI tools by students. Then the fear of a major cheat at school. Today, teachers and examiners are beginning to see all the benefits of using generative AI for exam organization and scoring.

TestWe has just launched an offer based on the IAGén. Objectives: to support the work of teaching teams and save them time.

The generative AI seen by teachers

The first large-scale survey of teachers on generative AI (and more specifically ChatGPT) has just been published. It is the work of the Swiss digital education specialists at EPFL (the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne). Disclaimer: TestWe is incubated in this Swiss institution. They interviewed more than 900 public and private teachers.

Fear of massive use by students

Almost all respondents say they know about Generative AI (ChatGPT indicated in the questionnaire) and half tested it. The main feeling noted is that of the fear of uncontrolled use by students. 87% believe that this will strengthen cheating and 78% that they will have to review their evaluation methods. Avoiding exam cheating with ChatGPT’, a topic we discussed here in January 2023.

An opening towards a use of Generative AI by teachers

This is probably the most interesting part of the study: it concerns the use by teachers of Generative AI. What if finally, this technology could be useful to teachers? 78% of respondents to the survey admit that this could help them prepare their courses. Almost half of them say that it would be interesting to prepare tests (evaluations) and 30% to correct these same tests.

TestWe offers teachers tools based on Generative AI

Image generated by artificial intelligence with prompt (instruction): “examiner and generative AI”. (Craiyon tool)

Our TestWe AI products have been prototyping for a few months. They will be available from September. In fact, our technical teams have been working on these technologies for several years. We had also published 5 years ago an article whose title was premonitory: AI vs Professors? What’s gonna happen? The announcement of the next uses of Generative AI for exam preparation and their corrections is already mentioned. It took the «global» publicity stunt of ChatGPT in 2022 to change the world of education in these uses.

Exam Creation: Generative AI Saves Teachers Time

Preparing an assessment or examination requires several hours of work. And unfortunately, with a lot of office work: writing questions, creating multiple answer MCQs. Finally, the added value of the teacher – his or her knowledge but also pedagogical mastery – is stuck in the administrative tasks. TestWe has created an assistant to generate evaluations with Generative AI. The imprimatur, the last validation, is obviously up to the professor. For the first beta testers: ‘it’s a huge time saver’

Exam corrections: give the professor time for his evaluation and comments.

The second Generative AI service offered by TestWe is exam correction. With the multiplication of remote exams, the number of candidates exploded and that of the copies to be corrected too. Obviously, the time spent to correct 1,000 exams is not the time spent to correct 200. So, to save time, we go very quickly on comments and appreciations. This makes the most of an examiner! With its tool, TestWe «gives back» useful time to the teacher since the control of the answers is automated. The corrector finds the opportunity to comment on the candidates’ writings, to produce more accurate and even personalized feedback that will help them progress. The human regains power.

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