The impacts of Digital Tests on Learning

More than 40% of trainers and professors say that tests, assessments, exams are useful although less important than lessons. When we found out this result after having interviewed a hundred trainers and professors, we were surprised. Do not mistake yourself, it is not bad news! However, it is unfortunate that evaluations have been downgraded on the learning impact scale.

So we decided to understand why and how evaluations could be rethought and brought back as part of the learning process or even the pedagogy. After several brainstorms on the subject, we ended up concluding that eAssessment tools like TestWe were actually, not only a good tool but one of the most efficient one to make tests useful for the learning again!

We made it a white paper so that you can discover what are the advantages of using digital tests, its impacts on the organisational structure and on learners. You’ll find also the results of numerous researches and survey we conducted on professors and trainers and their insights on assessments and learning.