First steps for an efficient evaluation strategy

Whether we are talking about training or higher education, evaluation is the key. This allows us to determine the acquisition of skills by a learner, to determine the proper course of a pedagogy. It is the determining factor of an accomplished and effective training. If in professional training there is a real emphasis on the

How to (better) assess learners

As we demonstrated in this white paper, assessing learners can lead to many issues: stress, regression of learning, it is necessary to understand why grades and assessments are problematic. Should we stop grading? Should we assess differently? The problems Assessing has become problematic. Between 30% and 40% of American students experience anxiety due to exams. In

Why You Should Do Positioning Tests

Svetlana Meyer is a cognitive science researcher associated with the Psychology and NeuroCognition Laboratory. She is also the scientific manager at Didask. Didask is a French startup, of Edtech (obviously), which offers an online learning method that has the particularity of offering a pedagogy anchored in the cognitive sciences.” We particularly like what they do for the

6 Ways You Should Assess Learners in 2019

Assessment is one the most important matter to take care of today. With the rise and demand for new skills, there’s a need for new ways to evaluate learners! What is sure is that standardized assessments are being left aside, little by little. Alternative assessments, on the contrary, are on the rise. Tech tools offer

Why e-assessment helps to focus on learning?

Imagine students as a group of athletes who run and prepare for the Olympics. Beautiful, vigorous athletes. But there’s this thing, we don’t really understand why but their trainers give them these weird shoes to train. Ski shoes. They tell them to run faster than Usain Bolt with these. Quite hard to do right? Well,

Is it the beginning of the end for standardized tests?

More and more universities (ex: Yale, Columbia) in the US are dropping standardized tests as a requirement in students’ applications, making them optional. The reason is those top US universities until today had very low acceptance rates while students complained about the costs of required standardized tests like ACT or SAT. The results were that

Get accredited without hassle

Accreditations like AACSB or EQUIS are the keys to access the club of the world’s most prestigious schools in Higher Education. No need to say these accreditations are expensive, exhaustive and require drastic transformations of a school’s processes and organization. Getting them, renewing them and entertain continuous improvement can be a real hassle. First thing