Health crisis: forecast the organization of remote examinations

The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic and the insulation procedures that are likely to come with it are challenging the educational community. If e-learning seems easy enough to set up, what about entrance exams and regular exams in this first semester of 2020? Massive e-learning ready to go! The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, said on

Education’s responsibility for the climate crisis

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports are clear: the collapse of our industrial societies is here and it’s too late for sustainable development (Dennis Meadows has been saying this for decades, anyway), but we can still reduce the intensity of the shock. Macroeconomic data no longer hide the existence of a critical situation

Neuromyths and memory: how do we learn?

For this new WeTestEd video, we decided to venture into the cognitive sciences and especially the neurosciences. “I learn better by listening than by reading.” “Oh yeah ?” “Yeah, I have a hearing memory.” We all said it one day. We would learn better through one meaning in particular. Thanks to Didask, I realized that …

Edtech, Higher Ed: What changes?

This week we are talking to Rémy Challe, the CEO of Edtech France, the new association gathering more and more startups of the French Edtech. On the menu, the state of Edtech in France and elsewhere, its problems and opportunities for the future. Has Edtech really succeeded in changing Higher Education for the better? What are the

Should we choose a university according to its ranking?

Today, if you’re not a part of the Higher education industry (not talking about the students here), how do you know if a particular university or business school is interesting, or simply good for you? That’s right, you look at rankings. Ok, you can also ask around you who went where and how the experience