How does TestWe monitor training courses?

Training organizations (TOs) are obliged to monitor and evaluate their training courses. These elements of proof can be essential for maintaining certification or guaranteeing the legitimacy of a training course. The good news is that TestWe offers all the tools you need to validate training follow-up. Here’s how. How can I track training progress? Tools

Generative AI to help teachers and examiners!

First, there was the amazement of easy use of generative AI tools by students. Then the fear of a major cheat at school. Today, teachers and examiners are beginning to see all the benefits of using generative AI for exam organization and scoring. TestWe has just launched an offer based on the IAGén. Objectives: to

Post-Covid online assessment

        The assessment of knowledge and skills is still done remotely for many schools or training centers. To avoid passing the virus on to other candidates sitting in the same exam room, online tests seem to be the best of the solutions offered to date. But what impact will this new evaluation modality have on the

Best practices for a successful e-exam

Last year (2020) confinement has enabled academic teams and students to make a great leap in the ownership of e-exam solutions. As a time accelerator, it has certainly revealed organizational difficulties but has above all brought out good practices. TestWe offers a simple, secure and offline solution to help its partner institutions optimize their evaluation