5 ways to prepare your students for hybrid jobs

We posted an article last week, talking about the rise of hybrid jobs on the market and its impacts on higher education. Have a look at this chart from Burning glass technologies and you’ll understand. Here you go. Obviously, the impacts that hybrid jobs will have on higher education are many and changes are needed

The impacts of Digital Tests on Learning

More than 40% of trainers and professors say that tests, assessments, exams are useful although less important than lessons. When we found out this result after having interviewed a hundred trainers and professors, we were surprised. Do not mistake yourself, it is not bad news! However, it is unfortunate that evaluations have been downgraded on

Why Pecha Kucha is great for learning

Starting this new series on new ways to evaluate students skills, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr Keith Pond, director at EOCCS, the online program accreditation from EFMD. Students are evaluated on skills that don’t match what most of the employers need,? says Keith Pond, ?and there are ways to change that, notably

AI vs Professors? What’s gonna happen?

Anthony Seldon is a British education expert that made the buzz in late 2017 by declaring that in 2027 teachers will be replaced by AI, offering a rich analysis explaining that it will, but it also should happen this way. The analysis was published in many, many, many influential media, like the World Economic Forum.

Top learning content and blogs to follow

Summer is about relaxing, of course. It’s also a great moment to get inspired for Back-to-school and fill yourself with ideas you’ll use to innovate in your pedagogy. You know, be prepared to impress them like never before. For this purpose, we found for you some great learning content and blogs you should follow to

Top 5 Learning analytics tools

Learning analytics is still in the air tonight. I previously delivered a report on Learning analytics and the infinite opportunities it offered to the world of Education. If you still have difficulty to understand what it is or how it works, I invite you to have a look at this document. It might help you! Learning

6 steps to digitalise your tests

e-Assessments are among the top 7 trends of Edtech this 2018. More than simply digitizing assessments that you give to your students, more than making them pass the exams on their laptops, it is about improving learning and simplifying exam creation, grading. How does it improve learning? By offering the tools to the professors of

eSport unrolls its red carpet into Education

1.1 billion dollars, that’s what the eSport industry will represent next year. Understandable when you realize it attracts millions of fans around its exciting and engaging games and champions. From the epic adventures of World of Warcraft (Blizzard) to dynamic and strategic face-to-face team fights of League of Legends (Riot Games), it hasn’t been that difficult