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Learn more about the leading exam platform to administer in-class and remote computer-based assessments chosen by educators and corporations around the world.

Discover the benefits of technology in education

Create online tests is simple with our intelligent platform. Our tool is your best ally for pedagogical orientation and online learning. You can safely incorporate the use of computers on a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mode in all classrooms and even for online assessments.

Customized solution


Exams' integrity granted and lockdown environement.

LMS friendly

Integrate your technology seamlessly.

Remote & face-to-face

Modern test solution for modern education.

Here for you!

Our support team is available 24 hs.

A perfect fit for every assessment

We designed a solution suitable for secondary education, universities or even corporations. Our specific features will help you understand your students, candidates or employees, engage them during exams and improve educational quality everyday.

High school

Higher education



Managing exams and activities in high school is often a highly demanding process, making personalized creation and individual tracking of each student difficult. Fortunately, TestWe platform can help you formalize a streamlined, fully digital process.

For higher education institutions seeking excellence in learning and assessment, TestWe reinforces yoru reputation as well as the credibility of your diplomas and prepares your students to increase their opportunities on the job market.

TestWe is ideal for professional trainings and language certifications. Reducing logistic costs, keeping track of competence acquisition and improving content are projects where TestWe can be the key. Access all data in one place and offer secure remote testing options through our anti-fraud system.

Recruitment processes are highly expensive for every coroporations and knowledge tests often lack of flexibility to assess the candidate's qualification. With TestWe you can administer highly personalized tests from one to several candidates at the same time and, set live or recorded job interviews.

How it works



Log in to our platform after receiving your credentials.


Create an exam

Add content, select the security measures, the date and hour.



Choose automatic correction or even delegate to your PA or colleagues.



Check in details success statistics and students acquisition curve.

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