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Who are we ?

Founded in 2014, TestWe is a French company that designs and develops an online exam platform. In eight years, the company has acquired an unequaled expertise and know-how to become the European leader of online exams. TestWe is the only actor in Europe to offer such a wide variety of tools: exam builder platform, exams grading platform, secure and...

Why now?

Accelerated by the COVID, 4 major strengths are changing the market :


Competition between schools and universities has strongly increased in the past couple of years. Their level of digitalization has a major effect on their attractiveness.


The need to carry out remote assessments without problems with the internet connection.


Candidates are more resistant to stress and more sensitive to transport problems and ecological issues.


Technological change makes the classroom examination obsolete in the majority of cases.

What does TestWe do?

TestWe provides a powerful platform and dedicated support. Administrative and pedagogical managers can use the platform to enter all types of subjects and associated documents, to identify candidates, to monitor them live or offline, to obtain automatic or personalized gradings and to access statistics and reporting tools.

Whatever your need, our experience shows that it is imperative to set up a procedure. We have developed an original method, supported by a very experienced support team that will ensure your success.

That's why 95% of users say that with TestWe it's better or much better than before!

On average, our customers increase the number of their registrations for competitions and certifications by 10%

What makes TestWe unique?

Except do-it-yourself solutions, you can use LMS bricks but no other complete system that meets European standards is on the market. Everyone can build their house themselves or with craftsmen if they have the time and the skills, but it is way easier to have a single contractor and much less risky when the competition is strong and when the rules are numerous and complex and time is short.

Compliance with standards and regulations is fundamental in the examination and certification sector. TestWe is ISO 9001 certified, it is built on the basis of GDPR and CNIL standards, and it meets European requirements.

Our business is complex and it took us years to develop a whole series of original algorithms and specific workings that allow us today to offer you a unique solution.

How is TestWe innovative?

TestWe has several secret tricks. \nOur R&D team has developed a solution that we are the only ones to have and that allows to get rid of WiFi connection problems. Candidates load the encrypted exam on their computer before starting the exam; then their exam paper is automatically sent once the exam is done. During the exam, candidates are WiFi free. In a context where equal opportunities between candidates is fundamental and where it can be subject of legal recourse, this is key.In this very restrictive context of European regulations, our anti-cheating system requires the candidates to consent to the exam rules, to human monitoring and to storage of evidence.

What do our customers think of TestWe?

newhome.SubtitlecasestudyBoldThat's why 95% of users say that with TestWe it's better or much better than before!

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"If you are looking for a partner who listens, who can provide a complete, rapid solution and work with you on adapting and changing needs, don't hesitate to contact TestWe."

Tony B.
National Network CoordinatorRead more

Grenoble School of Management

"We wanted a remote exam platform to make life easier for our students. Then some of them had to come back from foreign countries to take the remedial exams."

Fabienne D.
Project managerRead more


"We are happy with TestWe. The system makes it possible to satisfy our candidates and their parents. The TestWe teams are always very available. And they are the only ones in France able to do what they do."

Thomas L.
DirectorRead more

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