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TestWe is an e-Exam solution dedicated to
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TestWe offers an innovative and disruptive concept: 100% secure e-Exam. TestWe develops pedagogical tools for educational institutions (primary school, high school, college, university), distance learning institutions and corporate universities. TestWe gives you the opportunity to design your exams and assessments on digital support. Examiners create every type of exams and assessments they want - MCQ, SAQ, Essays - very easily and very quickly. From now on your students take their exams in the exam room on their own device in an anti-fraud and anti-cheat secure environment.

TestWe : Why?
Use your students' device for your exams and assessments in an off-line secure environment and create new type of exams by adding multimedia content (image, video, audio).
A unique technological solution to manage the entire process of examination. It prevents students from cheating and guarantees an entirely secure environment.
TestWe has developed a technology that guarantees the absence of technical failure while using TestWe software. Our solution reaches the expectations of your professors and your students
Save time and money by shortening all your processes between your administration, your professors and your students.
TestWe will help you to enhance the attractiveness of your institution and to attract new students.
TestWe gives you the opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint by saving a minimum of 75 paper sheets per student every year. Help our planet, choose TestWe!
  • « TestWe is the real good solution for our exams. The entire administration, faculty and students are very satisfied using TestWe solution. »

    Christophe Rouillon – Director of ESSCA Shanghai

  • « I use TestWe student software for my exams now. This solution enables me to gain precious time in the writing of my answers ; thus, I can dedicate more of my time in the organisation of my answers. »

    Olivier Testud – Student at ESSCA

  • « I have heard about TestWe in the newspaper. It's a revolution! Thanks to the student software, I will be able to write faster than writing with a pen. I could manage my answers as much as I want without having to erase everything. With the hard copy, I lose a lot of time correcting, crossing out and even sometimes rewriting entire sections. Thank you TestWe! »

    Anne Katayi Tshinsele-van Bellingen – Student at Sciences Po Paris

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