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Published on the 17.11.2018

3 tools that'll help you save time and focus on pedagogy

Teaching takes time right. A lot of time. We need to optimize that. To start we have to recognize that teaching, like any other function, has high added value activities and low, very low, added value activities.

Proportionally, these low added value activities are very exhausting and necessitate large amounts of time, for a very low outcome like administrative stuff, like basic emailing, like reports, like marking copies, like creating exams …

You probably have this time problem right? Well, take a piece of paper, draw a line in the middle, one column for high added values activities, one for lows and write.

Once you’ve done that, find some tools that might help you optimize and automate all these low added value tasks.

AHH! We did that for you. Guys, here are 3 tools that will do the job no question asked.

1. Slack: Ease communication, ease your day, save time

Communication between professors and administrators can be hard. Communication between professors and students can be also quite messy. Generally, all of them happen on one messy platform, the university’s email platform. Clearing this up is thus a priority. Slack is a best friend here. Originally, the tool was labelled the “startupers way of communicating”. Now, it’s an awesome giant com’ tool that could be used by any kind of group. You can automate message, separate groups via channels, ensure private conversations, set up notifications in a cool and user-friendly environment.

2. Sense: Optimize marking and feedback

Sense is a very interesting company with a quite amazing technology. Basically, the solution analyzes all the assessments you have received and detects patterns out of them. With these patterns, Sense gives you several profiles of answer that will represent faithfully the whole lot of copies. Say you have 7 profiles, you’ll give feedback on 7 types of personas rather than thousands. Now, you say “Thank you” and we say “No worries.”

3. Domoscio: Automate your data visualisation reports

BigData and adaptive learning seem to be at their debut in Higher education. Nevertheless, more and more institutions understand their importance. Generally, when we interview schools and ask about it, they say “Yes, but it’s a hassle.” Understandable, collecting data manually, giving it a sense and interpret it in order to improve learning is a formidable, hard task. That’s why there’s Domoscio. Basically, they automate data collection and update data visualization reports. They offer more than that, check them out!

TestWe in fourth?

TestWe can also help you at automating grading, optimizing exam creation and getting data out of them to improve learning. But that’s for another time…

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