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Published on the 04.05.2018

6.000 students from Nanterre University take their exams on TestWe !

The University of Paris X Nanterre chose e-Exam by TestWe to let students take their exams on their own laptop… from their home.

The story behind

The way this collab’ has been made is quite unexpected. It all started with a group of students searching for a solution to take their exams even if strikes and universities blockade disturbed the academic calendar.

Scrolling down Twitter and Facebook, they eventually got on TestWe’s page and contacted us in the process.

After having explained their problems, we decided to contact the University’s directors.

Quickly and after several chats, Nanterre University took the initiative and adopted TestWe, confirming the exams will be available and will happen indeed for more than 6.000 students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.

Sarah B. - Student in L1 AES at Nanterre University says
“My diploma was on the line... So thank you TestWe, to your good work and your responsiveness!”

Organizing with the University for the exam day was done in little time (1 week of constant rush, yeah), but students were able to take their exams from their home in the end.

Collaborating with a French university was a first for us so obviously, we’re proud as hell and motivated to get better for students.

Why TestWe?

Because of its flexibility and because it’s easy to create exams. Moreover, grading exams like MCQ is 100% automatic, saving thus a whole lot of work and time.

And why e-Exam?

e-Exam is one of the hottest trend this year in Edtech! Famous schools have already adopted it and even admission tests!

Why ?

  • Zero logistics
  • Exams creation and grading made simple
  • More comfort for students
  • No internet connection required
  • The end of cheating? Well yes because why not eh?

What’s next ?

TestWe matches well with Learning analytics solutions. In fact, we are also aiming at improving our data visualisation tools and launch more Learning analytics tools.

Mais informações sobre a TestWe?
Entre em contato conosco para pedir uma demonstração e faça um teste gratuito.