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Published on the 03.19.2018

What you should know about e-Exams:

Difficulty *****
Intensity *****
Enjoyment ******

According to Campus Technology, e-Exams are one the top 7 trends to watch in Edtech in 2018. A news that’s good for us and that justifies the need to change the way exams are given and taken. First things first: what’s an e-Exam?

“It is the digitalization of an assessment process (from creation to grading) and, thanks to data collection and analysis, a great tool to improve learning for an Education institution” Clément Régnier, CEO de TestWe.

So nop, it’s not only saying “stop” to paper use and make students take their exams on their own device.

Whereas flipped classrooms, soft skills education and MOOCs change the content of Education, e-Exam aims at changing its structure.

A goal that can be difficult to reach due to numerous impediments e-Exam makers can face. We knew these, we still know them and we’ll know them.

The goal here isn’t to list these, but to introduce you in the daily life of an e-Exam startup like TestWe and its responses to these impediments. Here are some of the most crucial ones.

Exam in itself

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School exam as we know it hasn’t really changed since decades, in terms of form or structure.

It is so anchored in today’s education system that proposing new ways to approach it is difficult.

So much that it defies reason.

Here’re some examples:

  • According to a study from New York government, paper cost for a school of 10 000 students represents more than 200 000$ per year

  • It represents more than 2 500 cut trees and 55 000 gallons of oil consumed!

  • 30 hours, it is the time spent in average by a professor every week on creating and grading exams. A drudgery that could be avoided or simplified
e-Exam solutions solve all this problems, still, it is faced usually with conservatism.

It is understandable. Putting an e-Exam solution in place in a school, university or else means changing all its processes. It means changing work habits of professors and disturbing student’s way of taking exams, several hundreds or thousands at the same time. This takes time and can understandably provoke anxiety. Though, e-Exams are a solution Education cannot avoid to embrace its transformation.

Our solution?
We do not just deliver a product, we work hand in hand with our partners to make sure this “transformation” from paper-based to digital is without issues. Through training, feedbacks, online support and meetings, we make sure everything and everyone is ok.

The number of actors concerned

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Then you have the number of actors that use exams at some point. And they are numerous.

Just talking about schools you have:

- students
- professors
- graders
- school administration
- school management

In other words … almost everyone. Moreover, all these people have different issues with exams that absolutely must be addressed one by one by an e-Exam maker. One detail that doesn’t please one of these groups and the adoption of the solution is slowed down. You just can’t mess around.

Here again, it is understandable. The people using an e-Exam solution is extremely diversified in terms of age, habits, sensibility to technology etc. What’s difficult is thus to adapt the e-Exam to each and everyone of them.

Our solution?
“Creating a solution that can answer the needs of everyone pushes us to measure the impact of every element, every detail we put in place in our solution, a complicated task, but TestWe’s here to try the challenge!” says Marie Verchere, our CMO.


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An e-Exam solution is composed of many different aspects as the exam is in itself a long process ranging from creation/planning to taking it, grading it and analyzing it. All these steps must be personalized to the needs of its users.

Well yes, we must adapt our solution to each group of people using TestWe but first, we must adapt it to our partner’s needs. Should they be universities, business schools, corporate schools, formation centers. Should it need TestWe for its marketing courses, law, engineering courses … We always face different requests.

For example, one partner would be needing an intuitive integration of Excel tools while another would want to accelerate grading, asking us more grading tools. Others would be needing learning analytics tools to better analyse their student’s academic progress in order to better adapt their learning process and work on their courses content.

“Personalizing an e-Exam solution is simply the key to its success”Alizée Pécastaing, Business developer at TestWe.

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