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Published on the 10.06.2017

9 Quick Ways To Become A Next Level Teacher
And To Make Your Students The Best Learners

It has been shown that teachers’ charisma had a positive impact on students learning process. Some teachers have the rock’n’roll charisma of a star naturally, others really don’t but it does not matter, it can be worked, reworked, polished, as Rolling Stones solo. Here’s 9 ways to teach with the charisma of a Mick Jagger, in front of students, from teenagers to adults. If you have a friend who’s teacher, or if you are one, this post is for you.

1 - Create an ecosystem through designing your classroom

Whether you are a 3th grade or a Master's Degree Professor design your classroom according to who you are and most of all how and what your students will learn. From designing your sole desk to the entire classroom, students will be integrated into an environment; an ecosystem that will facilitate their learning process… And it will create an aura of attraction around your persona.

2 - Tell a Story, and a story of everything you teach

picture ian

American indians, 150 years ago, stressed out the emotional value of stories through this beautiful sentence : “tell me a fact and I’ll learn, tell me a truth and I’ll believe, tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”. According to Al MacCuish, Chief Creative Officer at Sunshine agency, “Stories have started and ended wars”, it has built our history and societies through the ages. “Story defines us”. Thus, stories are more than crucial in the learning process of students. Game changing teachers are the ones who teach their courses like an author teaches his reader. The ones who tell stories to back an important fact of their course that students must learn in order to pass it.

3 - Class Outside Classroom

I remember having one of my International Affairs course in a pub, we were 15 sat around tables with our professor, all of us a pint in our hand. We drank his teaching as fast as we drank glass, as if proximity to him made his knowledge borderless, open. Class outside classroom creates a relationship between professors and learners, improves engagement, reduces absence, breaks habit and improves curiosity and thus learning. Of course this option works for 30 students or less.

4 - Listen to what they’re interested in, and adapt

For every company, feedback is a key to growth, or to validate their business model. It’s the same for teachers. Ask questions to your students about who they are, how they learn, what they like in your class, in the subject they’re studying etc. It’s the best way for you to measure how to adapt make sure their learning won’t be interrupted by a communication issue. You’ll become their hero too.

5 - Organize Teamwork

We live in a society based on the individual for sure. What’s important is not in fine one individual and his skills but the impact he has with his peers on their environment (locally or globally). Shakespeare said that “all the world is a stage” and I’d add that all man on this stage is an actor of a team. Forming actors of the world begins at school. And teachers are responsible for their learning. That’s why, naturally, teamwork at school and in higher education is one of the best way to make students learn and practice for tomorrow. Teamwork is the aptitude that will define success and ascension of today students in the society.

6 - Organize Roleplay and Simulations

Roleplays and Simulations are kind of similar to teamwork exercises. Except that they put students in a situation of reality simulation. These types of courses put the emphasis on empathy and on practical learning. The goal of these exercises is that students, and not the teacher, make the entire course go forward. You can be sure they’ll be passionated by your teaching.

7 - Learn from Outside of Educatio

Education is everywhere. To be a legendary teacher, you have to learn from people who inspire. That’s what Christopher Emdin does for his students, future teachers. “Bring them to black churches where pastors galvanizes the audience through his voice and gesture” says the man, “bring them to hip hop concerts to understand how rappers unite the people through their way of moving, dancing, and rapping”. You can learn everywhere how to teach. Teachers are magicians of emotions, not only because they know what they teach, but because they know how to teach it, how to tell it.

8 - Use every multimedia support you can

Don’t be afraid to use every digital support you can. First because digital is generally adopted by your students. According to OECD, seven out of ten students use computers at school. But it’s not just about showing slides. Proposing visual content, using games, bringing them the best facts, story, learning and else from the web. Make them use and innovate with digital support. Digital is the new pen and paper of millennials and younger. Go 100% on it, they will understand you and learn better on their own area of mastery.

9 - Digitalize your exams

As a result, digitalizing their courses means also digitalizing their assessments. No more hand cramps, give your students the way to write faster, more of what they know on the subject. Digitalizing your assessments with the best solutions put a stop to cheating. And if you followed previous steps, your students won’t even have to cheat. At TestWe we provide this kind of solution for students. Centralizing all the assessments on our platform for teachers let you take a look at all of your students grades and their development, but also let you write more useful comments on their assessments. This diversity of tools builds a strong relationship between you and your students. Go take a look at our case studies.

You are here to make them succeed in every way. From building your charisma to the tools to teach better, as teacher, you have to use all your environment, not just in education, to become your students legendary professor.

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