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Published on the 11.06.2018

10 tools to help your students learn and engage better

There’s never been a better time to innovate in terms of pedagogy and have fun with your students. There’s never been a better time to deeply engage them in the learning process and help them shape their minds and success. Strangely, engagement and learning still are problematic to manage and understand. But again, there’s never been a better time to change that for the better thanks to these 10 tools.


  • You really should take a look at Wooclap. This belgian startup understood one thing that could turn the table: smartphones are educators’ friends and one of students’ best tools to learn. How it works? Simple, a professor or speaker customs his presentations on the Wooclap platform by adding one or several types of questions (in the form of a quizz) among the twenty available. Learners then just have to answer the quizzes on their phone or laptop, thus keeping them focused on the learning content, and keeping them aware and engaged. The speaker can follow the progress of the quizz and the analytics of the answers on the same platform. Simply put, Wooclap is an engaging tool that enhances learning content. But it’s also, interestingly, one of the best tool to keep a skill track and follow competency acquisition from learners.
  • Trello is one the best freemium project management tool right now. Based on Kanban project management, it’s probably a perfect tool for team projects. So don’t hesitate to propose it for your student’s teamwork. It’s fun to use, engaging and transparently displays the team’s activity which gives you the possibility to monitor and give advice to each group without hassle. You probably heard of Trello, if not, well now you know.
  • Klaxoon is the internationally renowned French startup that became famous by changing the face team meetings and presentations look like. It’s simple, thanks to their numerous products, they made team meetings fantastic experiences of knowledge sharing and fun. Although made for companies and corporate universities, it could as well be used for higher education.

Analytics/ Performance

  • You probably heard of Learning analytics didn’t you? Basically, it’s using Big data to improve learning. For more info check this out. Learning analytics are one the most promising subject of Education today. Among Learning analytics tools, there’s Yet analytics, a Learning Record Store that will collect all the learning data available and mix it like a cake paste to bake it out into a superb, wonderfully helping, data visualisation tool.
  • TestWe of course! Thanks to our e-Exam solution combined with a data visualisation tool, we let professors save a lot of time and lot of useless logistics processes while offering them the means to improve and better adapt their learning content to learners. We also help students focus on their tests while giving them flexibility by letting them take their tests on their own device at home or in class.

Communication/ Lifestyle

  • Appscho is a French startup that greatly help students get everything they need to know about their school and what’s going on here, about their grades, about the courses etc. all in one app! Concretely, it’s about ensuring a maximum communication between faculty and students super simply.
  • Stop breathe and think is a meditation app that… What? Why not? There’s nothing more important than being more mindful and healthy in order to learn and being proactive. In other words this app is clearly one of the best tool you can propose to your students to use outside class. Stop breathe and think is even greater because its meditation programs adapt to the mood you’re feeling at the moment. A 5 min therapy everyday will get your students more A!

Langues /Culture

  • Koober is a French startup that lets you read a book in no more than 30 minutes. For real. The magic behind it is that authors working there read them for you and professionally synthesize them in a way that the juice to drink from the book is readable in no-time (approximately 30 min). No need to say it’s a treasure for your learners in order to widen their horizons.
  • Duolingo is pretty much known today. It’s this gamified app that let you learn a language in 6 weeks (if you’re motivated of course) and gosh they have a lot of languages you can learn. Here again, it’s not difficult to propose learners to work their language mastery on this app at their home, let them have fun and follow their own path with the language bein learnt.
  • HelloTalk is a complement to Duolingo. As famous as the latter, HelloTalk lets you learn a language by speaking to a person that speaks the language you’re learning, and that wants to learn how to speak your language. That crowdsourced learning platform is also an effective for language teachers and learners.

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