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Enhance your certifications through digitalization!

How do we: Reduce logistic costs? Ensure understanding of a training?
Improve test content or keep up with the way students learn? Guarantee the integrity of tests?

Our solution has the answer to all of these questions!

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For organisations developing excellence in learning and qualifications, TestWe delivers peace of mind because it's secure and simple.

How we help your administration

  • 0 logistics and -66% on operational costs

  • Transparent and honest exams by locking down the learners's device

  • Manage Learning Goals/Objectives with our Learning Analytics

  • Automation and personalization of gradings

  • Collaborative possibilities for your teams

How we help students

  • Cheat-free environment to better validate obtained certifications

  • Swift and efficient through digital support

  • Offline solution, no Internet connection required

  • Increased facility for reading and writing

  • Results stored on the platform

  • Automatic backup

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Marie-Christine Capdeviole

Professor at CNEPN

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