Manage your time wisely: how to easily create assessments?

Exams have evolved through years, TestWe is the next step. Get to easily build formative or summative exams with the right amount of engagement and data analysis.

Our platform, your rules

Set your own parameters for each exams: timer, online calculator and more!

Take your pick

MCQ, essay, fill-in the gaps, audio recording and short answers are a few options.

Question Bank

Import your own questions and set your questions bank the way you want (per subject, per difficulty level,...) as owned resource.

.xls export

Get exam results easily in .xls format.

LMS integration

Experience a transparent integration within your platform.

Printable assessments

You need paper based exams? Just export it in .pdf and voila!

They trust us

Main features

Administration management

  • Multiple levels of access to the platform.
  • Automatic assessment sending.
  • Implementation with all LMS - Anti-fraud system.

Anti-fraud system

  • Secure access to the platform.
  • Locking of computer functions during the exam.
  • Identification of the candidate by picture taken.


  • New user interface.
  • Dashboard of scheduled, in progress or corrected exams.
  • Reporting of acquired skills.

Exams correction

  • Grids and grading instructions per question.
  • Grading by copy or by question.
  • Flagging candidates' answers.

Assessments creation

  • Different types of exams.
  • Large bank of multimedia content.
  • Face-to-face or distance learning exams.
  • Automated exams creation.


  • Synchronous or asynchronous monitoring.
  • Webcam and audio functions for monitoring.
  • Compliance with French and European standards and regulations.

Learn about TestWe strengths

Learn about TestWe strengths. TestWe simplifies the management of exams, from inception to scoring, including monitoring. Test it out.