Your Smart Personal Assistant

TestWe AI, our new personal assistant, is revolutionizing the way you manage exams. Discover our innovative features for automatic question generation, assisted question correction, and enhanced monitoring to fight against cheating.

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Automatic Question Generation

With TestWe AI, create tailored and rigorous exam questions in an instant. It's a time-saving tool that allows you to focus on teaching and training.

Automatic Question Correction

Free yourself from the burden of exam correction. TestWe AI assists you in analyzing responses and provides accurate grading, giving you more time to analyze performance and refine your teaching approach.

Fight Against Cheating

TestWe AI strengthens exam monitoring and helps detect any attempt of cheating with ChatGPT or other generative AI. Ensure the integrity and fairness of your exams with our intelligent system.

TestWe AI, an assistant for everyone

Whether you're a teacher, test designer, academic director, or recruiter, TestWe AI can transform your exam and certification process by freeing you from tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Try TestWe AI today and let our personal assistant revolutionize the way you manage exams.

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