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TestWe - The start-up

Created in 2014 by Charles Zhu and Clément Régnier, the French startup provides an offline and secure e-exam solution to educational institutions that not only fits faculty's needs, but is also focused on the candidates's success.

The team






Marketing Director


Content Manager


Business Manager
France & Latin America


Business Manager

Abd Elhadi Khair

Business Manager -

With an engineering degree and a marketing major, Abd-elhadi began his career in technology consulting and joined the TestWe adventure in 2017 to give free rein to his entrepreneurial spirit.

« The methods of learning are changing fast, while the assessment processes remain the same as they were 10, 15 or 20 years ago: a paper and a pen. We're going to change that! »

Marie Verchère

Marketing Director

Having 6 years of international experience, Marie has developed her digital knowledge and joined TestWe in June of 2017.
With 10 years in B2B marketing, her skills are a crucial part to the "dream team".

« Within the next 5 years it will be impossible to not digitize all exams. Our mission is to educate the industry now. »

Clément Régnier

Co-founder and CEO

Prior to the TestWe adventure, Clement was a lawyer in New York City. Having been through the French and American educational system, he realized that the overall evaluation process had not yet been digitized. Upon his return to France he, along with his childhood friend Charles, decided to create TestWe.

« Digital technology in education has lots of potential in Europe and we're going to be one of its leaders in a few years. »

Alizée Pecastaing

Business Manager -
France & Latin America

Alizée has joined the TestWe team on both business and communication development fronts. With a Master's Degree in Luxury Marketing, she has developed her skills in the last few years working with various startups and is now our innovation expert.

« The world of Education is evolving, TestWe has a contagious motivation to guide schools in their digital transformation. »

Goran Nikcevic

Content Manager

Goran lived and studied the 5 past years in Montreal. There, he developed a deep attachment and experience with entrepreneurship, marketing and... everything that caught his curiosity. After a few experiences in Paris, Edtech an TestWe became THE curiosity.

« Everyday we hear about a revolution happening in Education. The problem is that without a deep transformation of our assessment and grading methods, this revolution simply won't happen. Fortunately, there's TestWe for that. »

Charles Zhu

Co-founder and CTO

Charles completed his training in Engineering with a Master in Economics & Commerce in China. With this new challenge, Charles uses his knowledge in the development of a high-precision technical solution for the analysis of images and data.

« Through our expertise, we help our partners digitize their internal course and exam processes while increasing savings and optimizing fluidity. »