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If you have any questions, contact our Support team: support@testwe.eu and give us all the details. We’ll gladly come to your help as soon as possible.

TestWe Solution

What is TestWe?

TestWe is a secure E-Assessment solution:

  • Which includes a web platform for examiners and administrators at the institution and is used for the creation, management and reviewing of assessments.

  • It also includes a software dedicated to examinees, allowing them to take tests in a secure and offline environment.

Can I use my laptop or tablet the day of the exam?

Yup! TestWe has been made to let you use your personal devices (laptop, tablet).

Once the app is launched, your device will be locked down and you won’t be able to access the web, applications/documents or any type of keyboard shortcut/hot corner/trackpad gesture/etc.

Do I have to pay to use TestWe?

Nope, TestWe’s user license is taken care of by your educational institution.

How does it work?

  • Access the software through your login

  • Enter your exam’s password which will be displayed at the beginning of the assessment

  • Take the exam

  • Once your exam is finished, it is instantly sent to the correctors

What device do I need to use TestWe?

To launch TestWe, you need a computer (desktop or laptop) or a Windows tablet with:

  • 1GB free space on your hard drive (a very small amount).

  • An Internet connection to download the software and to submit it once completed - the taking and completion of the assessment is done offline.

Which OS is required to use the TestWe app?

  • Microsoft Windows 10

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Apple OS X 10.10 « Yosemite » and more

If a version of your OS isn’t displayed up here, the candidate will take the necessary steps and contact your institution to borrow a computer that will support the TestWe app.

Which OS are NOT supported by TestWe app (for now)?

  • Microsoft Windows, anything before the Windows XP version

  • Microsoft Surface (version RT)

  • Apple Macintosh OS X, before the 10.6 « Snow Leopard » version

  • Appareils Apple (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

  • Android

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

  • Virtual environment

Do I need to verify if TestWe is up to date?

If the TestWe software needs to be updated, you’ll receive an email notification inviting you to launch the app, the update will start automatically.

What should I do if my firewall blocks me from downloading TestWe?

If a firewall blocks [.exe] type files, right click on the Testwe download link then click on “Download the file under”. If the problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

How do I install and download TestWe?

You’ll receive an email from TestWe giving you a link to download the app. Download and installation will take only a few seconds.

Which functionalities will I have access to with the TestWe app?

You’ll have access to basic options like a traditional word processor, a timer and a character counter. You won’t be able to import files or copy/paste from other documents.

Does the word processor provide editing options?

TestWe’s word processor provides basic editing options that you need to complete an assessment. All of them are displayed in the menu bar.

Is there an automatic spell check?

Your professor can authorize or prohibit this option for an assessment. Do not hesitate to ask your professor in order to get that information.

Can I use “copy/paste”?

Your professor can authorize or prohibit this option for an assessment. Do not hesitate to ask your professor in order to get that information.

Do I need an Internet connection to take the exam?

Nope, the exam is taken offline. However, you’ll have to connect to Wi-Fi within the next 24 hours after the exam and open TestWe for your exam to be sent to the correctors.

I lost my login.

Use this link to get your login credentials.

Can I test the software before the day of the exam?

Yes, we ask to each user to do a simulated assessment (not graded of course) when they first connect to the app. This way, you can discover and familiarize yourself with TestWe’s interface.

You can take the mock exam anytime you want. Just click on the "mock exam" button on the software

I don’t have an Internet connection on the day of the exam, what can I do?

TestWe works offline, that is to say that once the app is downloaded and the assessment list is updated, you won’t need any Internet connection.

How can I update my assessments list?

To update the list, launch TestWe, login and the update will automatically begin. The assessment will appear then in the assessments list. If not, refresh your window. If your assessment still doesn’t appear, contact our Support Team, they’ll gladly help.

BE CAREFUL : this procedure must be done at least 24 hours before the date of the exam.

Should I bring my computer/ tablet’s charger with me?

Yes, better safe than sorry for the exam day. You’ll be able to see your battery level at anytime on the software.

Anyway, remember to take your charger with you and to charge your computer/ tablet to the maximum before the exam.

I am taking the exam in another country or in a different timezone, how will that work?

Check with your professor or the administration in order to confirm the timezone.

In case of an issue, is my work saved on my computer?

Yup! TestWe does an automatic save of your work every 30 seconds.

Where can I find my saved exam? How can I access it?

TestWe saves copies of your assessment on your hard drive and can get them back to you if the assessment submitted gets lost or modified.

TestWe only saves encrypted versions of your assessment and only the administrator of the assessment will be able to access them for you.

I’ve got files, apps and/or open internet pages on my laptop, what happens then?

When you launch TestWe, all files, apps and/or open internet pages will close automatically. You will be asked to save your files, so nothing will be lost.

How can I send a copy of my exam via email to an administrator?

Then please contact the TestWe support team at : support@testwe.eu

How and when will I be able to see the results of my exam?

Check with your professor to know how and when you’ll receive your results.

What do I do if my computer breaks down or freezes?

No need to stress, there are a few solutions:

  • Leave the computer as it is (broke down or frozen) and show it to the examiner. Do not try to force quit the app (Ctrl-Alt-Del); do not restart and don’t try to shutdown your device.

  • Show it to a proctor ASAP and they can let you back into your exam.

What do I do if the password given by the examiner at the beginning doesn’t work?

Don't worry, your examiner is trained for these types of unexpected incidents! They will connect you with their login and you won’t be penalized.