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If you have any questions, contact our Support team: support@testwe.eu and give us all the details. We’ll gladly come to your help as soon as possible.

TestWe Solution

What is TestWe?

TestWe is a secure E-Assessment solution:

  • Which includes a web platform for examiners and administrators at the institution and is used for the creation, management and reviewing of assessments.

  • It also includes a software dedicated to examinees, allowing them to take tests in a secure and offline environment.

Who uses TestWe?

Professors, examiners and administrators of our partners use the web platform and are provided with a TestWe license for the platform and or software. The final user is the candidate who takes exams through the TestWe software.

Do I have to pay to use TestWe?

TestWe is free for professors. Your institution is probably one of our partners already, but check with a member of administration to make sure. If your institution doesn’t have a usage license with us, contact us so that we can get it sorted out.

Can TestWe be integrated to LMS?

Yes, we can insure a full integration to different information systems: LMS, ERP…

How can I start a free trial?

It doesn’t get more simple than this. Click right here and we’ll contact you under 24 hours to set up a free and personalized trial for your institution.

The candidate and TestWe

Can the candidate use his computer/tablet on the day of the exam?

Yup! TestWe has been made to let them use their personal devices (laptop, tablet). Once the app is launched, their device will be locked down and they won’t be able to access any documents, web or keyboard shortcuts.

How does it work?

  • Access the software through your login

  • Enter your exam’s password which will be displayed at the beginning of the assessment

  • Take the exam

  • Once your exam is finished, it is instantly sent to the correctors

What if a candidate loses their login?

Click on the "login" section at the top right of the website and select "forgot password"

Equipment and required configurations

Which digital support do I need to get to TestWe platform?

ANY digital support (laptop, tablet, smartphone...) with an Internet connection. In order to access the TestWe web platform, to create, manage and correct your exams, click here or go to the following page: www.testwe.eu/connexion

Which browser can I use to get access to TestWe platform?

To get access to TestWe, you can use one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

  • Safari

What device do I need to use TestWe?

To launch TestWe you need a computer or a Window tablet with :

  • 1GB free space on your hard drive (a very small amount).

  • An Internet connection to download the software and to submit it once completed - the taking and completion of the assessment is done offline.

Which OS is required to use the TestWe app?

  • Microsoft Windows 10

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Apple OS X 10.10 « Yosemite » and more

If a version of your OS isn’t displayed up here, the candidate will take the necessary steps and contact your institution to borrow a computer that will support the TestWe app.

Which OS are NOT supported by TestWe app (for now)?

  • Microsoft Windows, anything before the Windows XP version

  • Microsoft Surface (version RT)

  • Apple Macintosh OS X, before the 10.6 « Snow Leopard » version

  • Appareils Apple (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

  • Android

  • Linux

  • Chromebook

  • Virtual environment

Secure solution, cheat-free, guaranteed

How can I be sure that a student won’t have access to their exam before the actual exam?

The password needed to access the exam won’t be given to the candidates before the exam day, and must be given by the proctor in the classroom.

How does TestWe guarantee a “no-cheating” solution?

Once TestWe is launched, it goes into full screen mode, preventing the candidate from any internet access or access to any other applications, documents, files, or even hot corners and keyboard shortcuts.

Using the TestWe platform

How can I get access to the web platform as a professor, examiner or member of administration?

  • If you have a login, go to our website and click on the “connect” button in the website menu www.testwe.eu

  • If you’re not yet a TestWe user, schedule an appointment with us in order to organize a demo or set up a free trial → demo@testwe.eu

Which kind of files can I use to create my exams?

Made for all kinds of assessments, TestWe offers the possibility to create MCQ, CRQ, quizzes, short answer, essay questions as well as the capability to use any kind of multimedia content (video, image and sound).

For specific questions concerning creation, management or assessment reviewing

  • If you have a login, go to our website where you’ll find short videos explaining every functionality of exam management.

  • Contact our Support Team and don’t forget to describe your problem in detail so that our experts can answer your promptly.

  • If you’re not yet a TestWe user, schedule an appointment with us in order to organize a demo or set up a free trial → demo@testwe.eu

Technical part of the software (candidate)

How can I install and download the TestWe app?

The candidate will receive an email from TestWe giving them a link to download the app. Download and installation will only take a few seconds.

Which functionalities will be able to be used with the TestWe app?

The student will have access to basic options like a traditional word processor, a timer and a character counter. They won’t be able to import files or copy/paste from other documents.

Does the word processor provide editing functions?

TestWe’s word processor provides basic editing options that the candidate needs to complete an assessment. All of them are displayed in the menu bar.

Is there a spell check?

You can decide whether or not to allow this option for an assessment.

Can the candidate use copy/paste function?

You can decide whether or not to allow this option for an assessment.

Is there any saving of the candidate’s assessment in case of an unexpected incident?

TestWe automatically saves the candidate’s assessment every 30 seconds.

Where can I find the student’s saved assessment? How can I access it?

TestWe saves copies of your student’s assessments on their hard drive. You can get them back if the assessment submitted gets lost or modified. TestWe only saves encrypted versions of the assessment and only the administrator of the assessment will be able to access them, not the candidate.

Does a candidate need an Internet connection to complete the exam?

Nope, the exam is completed offline. However, they will have to be connected to Wi-Fi within the next 24 hours after the exam to open TestWe and submit their exam to the correctors.

Unexpected incidents on the day of the exam

What do I do in case of a breakdown or if the student’s computer/tablet freezes?

No need to worry! The candidate will be informed on the procedure to follow and the examiner in the classroom will take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

What do I do if the password given by the examiner at the beginning doesn’t work?

No need to worry, your examiner is trained for this type of unexpected incident! They will connect the candidate directly with their own login and the student won’t be penalized.

For more information on TestWe’s web platform, we made videos and webinars that you can access by logging in.