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If you have any questions, contact our Support team: support@testwe.eu and give us all the details. We’ll gladly come to your help as soon as possible.*

What is TestWe?

TestWe is a secure E-Assessment solution:
Which includes a web platform for examiners and administrators at the institution and is used for the creation, management and reviewing of assessments.
It also includes a software dedicated to examinees, allowing them to take tests in a secure and offline environment.

Who uses TestWe?

Professors, examiners and administrators of our partners use the web platform and are provided with a TestWe license for the platform and or software.
The final user is the candidate who takes exams through the TestWe software.

Do I have to pay to use TestWe?

TestWe is free for professors. Your institution is probably one of our partners already, but check with a member of administration to make sure. If your institution doesn’t have a usage license with us, contact us so that we can get it sorted out.

Can TestWe be integrated to LMS?

Yes, we can insure a full integration to different information systems: LMS, ERP...

How can I start a free trial?

IT doesn’t get more simple than this. Click right here and we’ll contact you under 24 hours to set up a free and personalized trial for your institution.