A Proctoring platform compliant with French and European regulations

As a key player in exam management, TestWe has developed its own proctoring solution ProctorWe to minimize the risk of fraud during distance learning exams.

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Safe and fraud-free

Manage your exams accessibility and monitoring as you like.

Compliant with regulations

Ensure full transparency in the use of private and personal data.

Synchronous & Asynchronous

Choose the synchronous or asynchronous mode to monitor your exam.

Stand-alone or embedded

Use ProctorWe paired with TestWe or as a stand-alone version, integrated with your exam-builder or LMS.

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Main features

Anti-fraud system

  • Multiple levels of access to the platform.
  • Automatic assessment sending.
  • Implementation with all LMS - Anti-fraud system.

Live Proctoring

  • Live remote proctoring by a supervisor.
  • Video feedback via webcam, cell phone and screen sharing.
  • Compliance with French and European regulations.

Administration management

  • Grids and grading instructions per question.
  • Grading by copy or by question.
  • Flagging candidates' answers.


  • An easy-to-use user interface.
  • Proctoring reports generated by a team of TestWe experts.
  • A dashboard of scheduled, in-progress and closed proctoring.

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