A Proctoring platform compliant with French and European regulations

As a key player in exam management, TestWe has developed its own proctoring solution ProctorWe to minimize the risk of fraud during distance learning exams.


Verify candidate's identity and working environment for full exam integrity.


Save time with our automated and asynchronous monitoring solution ProView.


Thanks to three simultaneous streams live monitoring, video, audio & screen sharing, maximum security is guaranteed!


Does your exam platform lack security? Take advantage of ProctorWe solutions to deliver your exams remotely avoiding cheating! Take control of your exam management and implement computer monitoring and locking functionality to your platform.

Safe and fraud-free

Manage your exams accessibility and monitoring as you like.

Compliant with regulations

Ensure full transparency in the use of private and personal data.

Synchronous & Asynchronous

Choose the synchronous or asynchronous mode to monitor your exam.

Stand-alone or embedded

Use ProctorWe paired with TestWe or as a stand-alone version, integrated with your exam-builder or LMS.

They trust us

Main features

Anti-fraud system

  • Multiple levels of access to the platform.
  • Automatic assessment sending.
  • Implementation with all LMS - Anti-fraud system.

Live Proctoring

  • Live remote proctoring by a supervisor.
  • Video feedback via webcam, cell phone and screen sharing.
  • Compliance with French and European regulations.

Administration management

  • Grids and grading instructions per question.
  • Grading by copy or by question.
  • Flagging candidates' answers.


  • An easy-to-use user interface.
  • Proctoring reports generated by a team of TestWe experts.
  • A dashboard of scheduled, in-progress and closed proctoring.

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