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To understand one's pupils is assuring quality of learning!

Learning Analytics in two words?

It's the usage of the academic data collection and their visualization with an informative and comprehensive goal. Learning Analytics are a very effective way to improve the learning process!

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« If they can measure data which then improves a course… then Learning Analytics are an excellent teaching support »

Stephanie Lambert
Administrator at EFMD, EOCCS

Throughout the collaboration with our partners, we are developing for you the most essential features of Learning Analytics adapted to your needs. To learn more, let's talk about it together!

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What features are already available?

Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

Professors and Managers can assign LG and LO to each of their exams and each of their questions. When its time to correct the exams, we can see the level of comprehension in each class and student.

The "spider graph" for competencies

On the web platform, you have direct access to better understanding on the learner's skills and achievements, for you to detect their strong and weak points and their grades and progression in regards to the whole class or training group.

Reporting for teachers

Graphs by exam, by question with the average, the duration to answer them, the number of good and bad answers (successful rate) or skills and competencies by exam for the learners.