TestWe - Entry exam

Digitize your Admission Test!

Logistical problems? Lost copies? Worried about cheating?
Impatient students waiting to get their results back?

What are your challenges today?

Not enough time

Too many solutions

Not enough human resources

Lack support

Processes that aren't adapted

For organisations developing excellence in learning and assessments, TestWe delivers peace of mind because it's secure and simple.

How we help your administration

  • 0 logistics and cost savings of up to 66%

  • Integrity in exams by locking down the candidates' devices

  • Save time: Automatic correction for MCQ and UCQ

  • Manage Learning Objectives and Assurances with our Learning Analytics

  • Offline and cheat-proof environmente

  • Collaborative solution for your teams

How we help your candidates

  • Quick and efficient thanks to a digital device

  • Offline solution, no internet connection required

  • Improved comfort in reading and writing

  • View corrections online

  • Automatically saves throughout the exam

Download our lastest white paper on the problems with the grading and assessing system !