The platform that facilitates the recruitment process

Human Resources departments have deployed many tools to automate talent management: profile pre-selection, skills endorsement, remote interviews. TestWe is a testing solution specialized in the pre-selection phase which evaluates in a reliable way all candidate skills. Thanks to its accurate and clearly documented results, TestWe makes it easier for you to identify the best talent and recruit high-potential candidates.

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Secure and anti-fraud environment

Manage the accessibility and monitoring of your pre-screening interviews as you see fit.

Recruitment process automation

Test thousands of candidates. Even without Internet.

Seamlessly integrating with your tools

Embed TestWe platform with CRM, ERP or LMS tools.

The recruitment test with TestWe

  • Easily identify top candidates

    Find out at a glance the best candidates for your vacancies. Organize your recruitment and test candidate skills: language assessments, personality tests or video interviews.

  • A customized process adapted to your needs

    Favor to assess candidates through real-life situations. Choose from a wide range of tests that are best suited to your recruitment processes (MCQs/QCUs, audio/video recording, simulation of messaging systems, etc.).

  • The remote recruitment solution

    TestWe is the best suited solution, well adapted to carry out remote interviews, with real-time or delayed recruitment interviews, with the desired level of security.

  • Easy management and access

    Schedule your interviews and aptitude tests in a few minutes withTestWe. Integrated or not with your ATS, TestWe allows candidates to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to complete the hiring cycle.

  • Anti-fraud technology

    From pre-screening tests in a locked environment to remote technical skills testing, TestWe allows you to securely identify your next hires.