A time saver in hiring process

HR tools are essential to accelerate recruitment process. TestWe helps recruiters with its recruiting automation solution : applicants screening, validation of candidates' soft skills, remote interviews.

Save candidates' strengths and weakness and access the information from a unique dashboard.

Inteview process using TestWe

Find your top talent in no time

Hire the best candidates that suit the best the open positions. Set your recruitments and assess your candidates' skills: language tests, personnality interviews, motivation, expertise.

Custom process for each recruitment

Forget about the traditional recruitment strategies. TestWe will help you to grasp your futur employees' performance. Choose among a large type of tests to adapt to each recruitment procedure: MCQ, voice/video recording, email systems simulation, social media management.

Remote recruitment solution

When on-site interview is not an option, you can count on TestWe's video interview platform to organise remote interview. You benefit the best options to hire the best talents and conduct either live or video interviews with a security level you choose.

The best option for all companies

Because small businesses do not face the same challenges as big size companies, TestWe has designed solutions that suit every type of company - either in the private or the public sector.

Easy management and access

Accessing to a recruiting software has never been so easy: our services are offline. This means that if the interviews are in-house, you can bypass the cumbersome process of giving access to the corporate network through long passwords. In any case, candidates will receive an email with instructions and the only requirement to take the evaluation will be to have downloaded the software in advance through the Internet.

Anti-fraud technology

From applications tests on lockdown device to remote skills assessments, we give you the keys to discover your talents.