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We’ve been acknowledged by the EdTech industry for our vision and have received numerous prizes
and awards from notorious and industrious societies. These recognitions were appointed
to us for our perception of where we should lead the assessment process.

Awards in innovation

We are winners and finalists for a plethora of competitions such as « Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la ville de Paris », « 100 jours pour entreprendre », « Concours d’Innovation Numérique - BPI France », « HypeAwards » and « Mercure HEC » (and others evolving in the « startupsphere »)... TestWe is a keystone in the secured and automated assessment process.

Supported by the BPI and other partners, we have fundraised to invest more in our R&D program and its international development.


Awards in EDTECH

NTHE Prize (Numerical Technology for Higher Education)
TestWe won the 2017 Think Education prize and was also finalist within the “Connected campus” category