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Published on the 12.09.2017

We Had Fun In Berlin @OEBBerlin 2017

TestWe team went to Berlin on December 5th to 7th 2017 to show our vision of Education at the internationally renowned conference on Education OEB!

Ah Berlin, what a beautiful city! And what an innovative one! We were impressed by the many exciting conferences we found, notably addressing the importance of moving from traditional assessments to eAssessments and proctoring.

One theme bending these was security. We realized northern european countries had a particularly strong attachment to security and data protection concerning the digital world.

Children education was also at the center of the conference with a focus on teaching code to kids from a very young age through playful exercises and DIY projects. An exciting vision of tomorrow.

Of course, we found also some very promising companies showing off VR applied to education, a lot of fun!

Overall, OEB was a great B2B conference and we hope to see even more people next year!

Take a look at one of the conference that took place at Berlin here.

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