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Published on the 10.02.2017

TestWe showed its incredible talent @BETTLondon 2018

Hello, hello!

Team TestWe went to London for the famous, crazy, inevitable, exciting BETT event! We showed them the potential from French Edtech startups, be sure of that!

Apart from the rain, everything was perfect… and the place was huuuge! When you’ve got more than 300 exhibitioners you realize the scope of the event. Despite the hugeness of the space, the crowd was here, cheering for TestWe… Well, not yet.

Generally, the event was very K-12 oriented. Many teachers and their pupils were there, testing the new solutions for education.

Among which we loved the easy tools to learn code to kids (just like at OEB), VR tools applied to education (just like at OEB but more of them) and companies using AI to propose their solution to education’s future.

Yes, London was great and full treasures and we’ll definitely be there next year!

Want to know what we showed there? Ok! Take a look at our features and test our e-Exam solution!

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