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Published on the 10.02.2017

Morocco’s first soon-to-be all digital school

HEM is taking the path of digitalization. And as you guessed it, every exam of the school is now going to be created, taken and corrected using TestWe! A beautiful partnership that will deliver interesting results!
HEM is one of the best and it is also the first moroccan school we work with!

Before implementing TestWe for good, HEM tested our solution on several exams and on 300 students. There were isolated cheating attempts… of course, but no one cracked the software. Everything went fine!

Finally, HEM adopted TestWe because exams creation and grading were much more easier than they thought it was going to be. Here we are! It’s the beginning of new adventure for us and the school and the first step on moroccan soil.

Don’t tell me you’re not curious about why HEM chose us, give us a call, we’ll tell you all about it and show you a demo!

A Demo? Show me that demo!

More infos on TestWe?
Contact us to set up a demo and a free trial