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Published on the 02.06.2018

3 Reasons Why e-Exams Are Great Analytic Tools

If you know TestWe, it means you know what e-Exams are. Maybe you don’t know it, still, maybe, you know another e-Exam solution. Thus, you know what e-Exams are.

You really don’t know anything about that? Alright, alright, alright it’s simple as hell. Simply put, e-Exams digitalize exam processes of educational institutions. Mmmh not simple enough? Ok, ok not a problem.

  • e-Exams are solutions that let students take their exams, assessments, tests on their own devices (tablets, laptops), generally in a secure way (I mean it’s better for your institution).
  • Furthermore, e-Exams let professors create, grade and manage exams on a platform that is, normally, super easy to use, the goal being to save time, work, and optimize logistics.

Better no? AL-RIGHT! Now, what if I told you e-Exams are great analytic tools, matching quite well with Learning analytics solution?
Here’s why.

1. e-Exams save you time, time you can then use to focus on improving learning

e-Exams solution save approximately 50% of a professor’s time apart from class. That means the time he spends preparing courses and assessments… but mainly assessments. Results: professors can spend more on content production, on understanding their students’ behavior, on being more innovative in terms of pedagogy. So here you go, try an e-Exam solution and become the master of your own time.

2. Grades can provide precious information on what’s going on in students’ learning

Grades aren’t just performance indicators. By analysing average grades, which questions troubled students most and so on, professors can understand many things. For example, which skill/subject students have difficulty to integrate. Or if many students missed a part or approximately the same questions, it means something wasn’t clear enough. Another example, a professor can decide to contact personally a student because of a succession of fails at tests to better understand what’s wrong. Eventually, e-Exams aren’t maybe a full Learning analytics solution, nevertheless, they help at identifying problems or opportunities.

3. Add a data visualisation tool, and e-Exams become effective Learning analytics tools

BUT WAIT! What if the e-Exam solution has a data visualisation tool? Then, well… Professors will do magic. Why?

  • Because problems will be identified quicker
  • Because they’ll get access to a looooot of data, compiled and simplified, thus letting professors understand, from a simple test, if there’s a need for their course content to change, where their students are in terms of skills acquisition. You get a whole AoL solution, all-in-one
  • Because communicating results to the students through this data visualisation tool can be great for students to understand what they need to work more on, to engage more in class, online or with professors to ask for advice… e-Exam solutions can be great for communication too!
  • Because… Well, I’ll leave this to your creativity and imagination!

e-Exam solutions are great first step tools before integrating complete Learning analytics solutions. Both can totally work together very well. Imagine, just imagine a solution that saves you time, helps you create, grade and manage exams in no time, a solution that lets students take their exams comfortably from their devices AND that helps you improving your institution’s learning processes. That is what we call optimizing learning folks.

Interested in e-Exams that optimize learning? TestWe does just that! So help yourself and check if our solution could help you. Otherwise, if you’re now convinced it can, ask for a demo, it’s free, it’s clear, you’ll know everything you need to know about TestWe!

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