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3 Reasons Why e-Exams Are Great Analytic Tools

If you know TestWe, it means you know what e-Exams are. Maybe you don’t know it, still, maybe, you know another e-Exam solution. Thus, you know what e-Exams are.

You really don’t know anything about that? Alright, alright, alright it’s simple as hell. Simply put, e-Exams digitalize exam processes of educational institutions. Mmmh not simple enough? Ok, ok not a problem.

  • e-Exams are solutions that let students take their exams, assessments, tests on their own devices (tablets, laptops), generally in a secure way (I mean it’s better for your institution).
  • Furthermore, e-Exams let professors create, grade and manage exams on a platform that is, normally, super easy to use, the goal being to save time, work, and optimize logistics.

Better no? AL-RIGHT! Now, what if I told you e-Exams are great analytic tools, matching quite well with Learning analytics solution?
Here’s why.

1. e-Exams save you time, time you can then use to focus on improving learning

e-Exams solution save approximately 50% of a professor’s time apart from class. That means the time he spends preparing courses and assessments… but mainly assessments. Results: professors can spend more on content production, on understanding their students’ behavior, on being more innovative in terms of pedagogy. So here you go, try an e-Exam solution and become the master of your own time.