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Published on the 27.09.2018

The rendez-vous you shouldn't miss this fall

Every leader has its United Nations rendez-vous (this one is quite spectacular, just saying). Every professional have their rendez-vous. Same for us.

In Education this fall, there’re a lot of them happening. Why “must-go”?

First, because we will be there.

Second, because these events are full of interesting and talentuous other startups, or because they’ll tackle very interesting topics on Education.

Finally because these events are great opportunities to talk and network a bit.

So where do we go this fall? Check this out!

EnlightEd/ South Summit Madrid: October 3-5


EnlightEd is a program of the South Summit event that can be compared to a Techcrunch or a Viva Technology event.

The program’s mission is to regroup thinkers and innovators to talk about the future of education, or simply show it. Hosted by IE business school, the event is F-U-L-L of inspiring personalities from the world of Education like the author and expert Sir Ken Robinson, the futurist Gerd Leonhard or FutureLearn CEO Simon Nelson.

What we’ll do there? Pitch TestWe for the pitch contest, meet people.

AACSB, Paris : October 29-31


The prestigious accrediting organization for business schools, AACSB, is giving a main event this late October in Paris. It is the big meet-up from business schools managers, innovators and accreditors from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

How do current events such as Brexit, the refugee crisis, climate change, and globalization affect business schools? How do we ensure that curriculum keeps pace with such fast changing times? Here are the kind of exciting topics that will be discussed there.

What we’ll do there? Listen, discuss, introduce ourselves, be curious.

SWISSDIDAC, Bern, Switzerland, November 7-9


SWISSDIDAC is the most important event on Education happening in Switzerland. 17,000+ people will attend the event to discover new solutions, new innovative projects that will build tomorrow’s Education?

What we’ll do there? Scream out loud “TESTWE WILL MAKE YOUR EXAM PROCESSES GREAT!”

SIMO, Madrid: November 13-15


Here and back again, we’ll get back to Madrid in November. Yeah you guessed why… It’s still hot there in November. Ahah… No, not only. SIMO’s happening. Quite like the French event Educatec Educatice, SIMO is an occasion to show up and show off your vision of tomorrow’s education. The exhibitions are followed by speeches given by educators who’ll deliver their feedback on their researches and analysis on what’s happening in Education.

What we’ll do there? Put TestWe’s flag under the spotlight. Oh yeah.

EDUCATEC EDUCATICE, Paris: November 21-23


Here it is ladies and gentlemen! The true, the one and only. EDUCATEC EDUCATICE is like our second home. The place to be in Paris if you want to get in touch with people from the Education universe and listen to exciting talks on pedagogic and Edtech innovation.

Join us in the Village Startup and let’s have a coffee in this huge place located at Porte de Versailles.

What we’ll do there? Show that TestWe is a golden nugget, listen to talks, take notes, meeting you.

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