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5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Digital Exams Now

EdTech industry is booming, it is a fact. It is predicted that in 2020, investments in Edtech will reach 252 billion dollars with a 17% growth year on year. Since 2010’s, we see a lot of startups (like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, FutureLearn etc.) disrupting the Education industry by proposing new solutions:
for students to learn more, cheaper, simpler and online
for teachers to understand more who they teach to, adapt to them and improve their educational content
All these companies that made the EdTech a revolution are focusing mainly on one challenge, providing unlimited and official academic knowledge to people on digital platforms. But here lies an issue that is beginning to be addressed by entrepreneurs.

To have courses recognized officially, you need grades, tests, exams. And exams are the last part of education that hasn’t really been disrupted.

So how can we revolutionize exams and adapt it to digital education?

Companies like us are proposing today a solution to transform the old, stressful, torturous exam into a more modern process. But not only. Digital assessment solutions are here to disrupt the entire EdTech industry. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1 - Make a secure digital exam insures legitimacy to online courses and institutions

One of the only reasons why MOOCs courses’ diplomas or moodle courses (in fact, all online assessment platforms) aren’t 100% recognized by everyone is because it’s too easy to cheat. Yes, we all cheated, at least in one of our school exams, so just imagine the temptation when you know you can answer your question just by searching on Google. That’s the assumption most of people make.

But what if online exams were cheat proof? At TestWe we provide a solution that insures anti-fraud exams (amongst others LINK). We noticed how game changer it was for online courses and generally all educational institutions that works partially/fully online. And also for their students and professionals who desperately want their diplomas being recognized professionally.

2 - Online exams provide flexibility to students…

We all know how much millennials need to move and do several things at the same time. Allowing students the possibility to validate their exams wherever they are is less stressful (in comparison, in the UK, 96% of students feel stressed before entering a room for an exam). Without the pressure of the physical location, students can organize their agenda easier.

3 - ...And teachers

Time and flexibility are also desperately wanted gifts for teachers who are used to work on students papers and on their lessons in the most unusual places (transports for example). Let’s not forget also the risk of losing copies which happens a lot, particularly in international institutions hosting students from numerous countries.

Centralizing all these datas into one solution accessible online and offline is a huge time saver (and space saver too, no need to say that organizing hundreds of papers takes space) for hard working teachers.

4 - Assessments are formidable data providers

There’s little more useful data than courses content (exam results, courses syllabus, learning goals etc.) to rate an educational institution effectiveness in its teaching process. It is even more useful for accreditation organisms who spend a lot of time searching into unlimited paper based folders and excel sheets to finally decide whether or not they’ll renew an accreditation. Digitalizing all these datas into a centralized solution is a game changer, and a time saver, for everyone.

That is the case of Christophe Rouillon (link toward Case study), director of ESSCA (a renowned french business school) at Shanghai campus, who is one the first having used TestWe. ESSCA is an AACSB accredited school of business, renewing it every 5 years, Rouillon affirmed it was a « terrible and long process of joining all requested papers and folders for school administrators ; of searching and analyzing for AACSB analysts ». Centralizing all of it into a software and making it simple to use, changed their lives. « Renewing our accreditation is not an issue anymore. »

5 - Don’t underestimate paper consumption, online based exams are an ecological solution

Paper consumption has a significant impact on environment: water and air pollution, deforestation… It’s just your morning journal, academic paper based exams are responsible for it too. As of today 356 million of tons of paper have been wasted, and paper consumption is still rising in some countries, while destructing forests in Indonesia, Canada, Brazil etc. The digital solution is, environmentally speaking, unavoidable.