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Published on the 10.31.2017

10 best apps to learn anything anywhere

Nothing’s better than learning new things in most unconventional places right? Getting wiser while in the waiting room or in the metro, in the streets or when walking up your stairs (We don’t recommend it)... It is definitely a pleasure. And now that more than half of the world have an Internet connection (more than 80% in Europe and 88% in North America), more and more people can learn new things everywhere they are. But which apps are perfect for this?

Here’re 10 we use at TestWe.

1 - Duolingo / Babbel

You know you’d love to speak several languages. Understandable, what’s more seductive than french? italian? portuguese? And what’s more stylish than english? spanish or german or indonesian? We won’t go further… Just download Duolingo or Babbel apps.

Why do we suggest these two apps? Because they propose two different ways you can learn languages with. The first is gamified, so it’s going to become kind of an addiction to learn. The other one inserts you into daily dialogues of people speaking the language you’re learning: you have to understand or participate to the conversation. Both apps lets you learn a language in less than a year or even less than months according to your needs and objectives.

Do a few exercise per day, every day and… Voilà!

Download Duolingo ! Download Babbel !

2 - Quora

Imagine you’re alone, reading news on your sofa. You read about a topic that captures your attention but you don’t really understand it. You want to learn as many different views on the subject to better understand it. Well, use Quora.

Quora is a collaborative platform on which people ask questions that’ll be answered by other people, some of them expert in the domain. When we say expert, we mean real expert, like Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, or Robert Frost, Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA (and many others). You just have to choose topics that passionate you and here you go! You’ll learn tons and tons of things through answers given by everyone.

You have a particular question? Ask it! You see a person in need of enlightenment, well teach this person your knowledge! As simple as that!

Moreover, Quora is becoming a real marketing platform for personal branding or for your business… You want to know how your use Quora to attract interest to your business? Check that Buffer post, it is very interesting!

Learn more Quora

3 - Coursera

You’re at a bar, having a conversation with some friends. They are talking about something you’d love to learn. In fact you realize it is going to add something to your CV. So you rush on Coursera! But what is Coursera?

It is one the most famous symbol of Edtech. The place where you’ll learn from the best universities in the world, where you’ll be able to have a diploma online, that counts and that is way cheaper than going to universities. From Machine Learning to Business Management or any kind of education, Coursera provides a super qualitative access to courses that will blow your mind!

If you’re curious about a subject and don’t care of earning a diploma, you can also follow courses for free!

Learn more Coursera

4 - Koober

You’re in a bookstore, you see a book on a bookshelf, you know it is a super instructive book on a topic that matters to you. You read the summary and you love it, you buy it, bring it home and start reading the first chapter, then put it back and forget it until you’ll reopen it two or three weeks later. Embarrassing right? You’d love to swallow up all the knowledge it has to offer... It’s ok. Rush on Koober.

Koober is a french startup that is disrupting the whole book market by proposing a new way to read a book in 30 minutes maximum. No joke. Koober uses a method to synthesize books.

Tested and approved! Indeed, we tried it with a book we already read and knew very well that was on Koober. Guess what? We found all the information that was in the book.

Achtung! They’re not trying to destruct books. Of course reading is a leisure and will stay a must. But Koober is a beautiful french answer to our needs of learning more, always more.

See more here

5 - TED

Mankind needs inspiration to keep running further and further into progress. The fuel we need to keep running can be found in TED videos.

It’s simple, people more or less famous for their researches, activities or any topic they know share their story, their discoveries or their passion. What you can learn through these videos is just unlimited. Just choose the topic you’d like, if you like one in particular. No joke, innovations and stories told on TED stages are just incredible, fascinating.

Whether you’re in your toilet, taking a bath, in the train, eating or anything… Just watch TED videos. It can give you ideas. A lot. And knowledge, even more.

Get blown away. Download TED !

6 - QuizUp

Here’s an app to show how much you know more than everybody. Yes, we all have this little need for being the best, the wisest.

QuizUp is, well… A quiz in which you’re against someone. To win, find the good answer before your opponent. Crazy addictive.

Show how much you’re a knowitall. Download the app!

7 - iNaturalist

You’re on your way home, walking down the street when you see a bird, five feets from you. You’ve never seen that bird before. Where does it come from? You take a picture, but what for?

Post it on iNaturalist. It’s like a Quora, but for biology. Send what you saw or a question about plants, animals and learn more about Nature.

Learn more here !

8 - StarWalk

You’re in a park with some friends, late evening, laid down on the grass and staring at the sky, our most beautiful window on the open and infinite (or not so infinite) universe. “What’s this star” asks a friend. You can’t answer nor can you tell why we call this star or galaxy the way it is called.

Well, StarWalk may help you. This app gives you detailed information on stars, galaxies, planets etc that are above you (the one you can see, as you know, we don’t see the same stars in Chile or in France, in summer or winter). Basically, it is an interactive celestial map with ultra detailed informations.

In not so many years, humans will go to Mars and on the Moon. Later, we’ll maybe travel further, who knows. So ready yourself for the next era.

Download StarWalk!

9 - Investopedia & Seeking Alpha

You’re watching a videos on, say, the 2008 financial crisis or on blockchain and bitcoin. There are some terms you don’t understand.

It’s ok! Go on Investopedia! Ok it’s not an app. But this platform lets you learn anything on you own on economics, trading and finance thanks to the efforts of experts. You can find a huge amount of term definitions with simplified examples.

Do you want to start trading? Combine your daily searches on Investopedia with Seeking Alpha. This platform, gives you the best insights on the market trends from investors and experts.

These two platforms are the best way to enrich and deepen your knowledge and minimize your risks while investing!

See more Investopedia See more Seeking Alpha

10 - Youtube

Ah Youtube. Our everyday best friend to entertain ourselves with any kind of videos. Youtube is also a super useful tool to learn anything. Maybe the best actually. From history to quantum physics, yoga, gym, hacking etc. But you certainly already know that. We also won’t tell you to download the app. You certainly already have it.

A lot of other apps exist of course. And we’ll give you more very soon!

Before that, tell us about what you use to learn more everyday!

Learn more Youtube

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