Generative AI to help teachers and examiners!

First, there was the amazement of easy use of generative AI tools by students. Then the fear of a major cheat at school. Today, teachers and examiners are beginning to see all the benefits of using generative AI for exam organization and scoring. TestWe has just launched an offer based on the IAGén. Objectives: to

Post-Covid online assessment

        The assessment of knowledge and skills is still done remotely for many schools or training centers. To avoid passing the virus on to other candidates sitting in the same exam room, online tests seem to be the best of the solutions offered to date. But what impact will this new evaluation modality have on the

Best practices for a successful e-exam

Last year (2020) confinement has enabled academic teams and students to make a great leap in the ownership of e-exam solutions. As a time accelerator, it has certainly revealed organizational difficulties but has above all brought out good practices. TestWe offers a simple, secure and offline solution to help its partner institutions optimize their evaluation

How to avoid cheating during distance learning exams ?

All you need to know about proctoring to avoid cheating during distance learning exams. Cheating has existed since the organization of examinations. In 2007, a report from the French National Education Board estimated that one student out of a thousand cheated during a test. How can we respond to these threats when many Higher Education

Practical Guide to Online Assessments Management

Over the last months, many Higher Education institutions have implemented e-exam solutions to enable exams and assessments to be held despite lockdowns and closures. Download the infographic Find out all you need to know before deploying an exam management tool. Download now 10 criteria to be considered when choosing your assessment tool Administration management with

Health crisis: forecast the organization of remote examinations

The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic and the insulation procedures that are likely to come with it are challenging the educational community. If e-learning seems easy enough to set up, what about entrance exams and regular exams in this first semester of 2020? Massive e-learning ready to go! The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, said on

How Cognitive Biases Influence Learning

There is often a tendency to show unparalleled enthusiasm when the figures seem to reveal that an experiment is positively conclusive. “I was right, we say to ourselves, the experiment worked so let’s implement it!” We will tend to listen only to people who have had the same type of result, while the arguments of

Assess efficiently: Why Peer Feedback is awesome!

Active pedagogies are on the rise! Flipped classroom, blended learning, peer learning, serious games, role-playing, we see more and more of these methods tested at every level of learning. However, evaluations are mostly excluded from the teaching field. In fact, according to our study of about one hundred trainers and teachers, about 40% said they

5 ways to prepare your students for hybrid jobs

We posted an article last week, talking about the rise of hybrid jobs on the market and its impacts on higher education. Have a look at this chart from Burning glass technologies and you’ll understand. Here you go. Obviously, the impacts that hybrid jobs will have on higher education are many and changes are needed

The impacts of Digital Tests on Learning

More than 40% of trainers and professors say that tests, assessments, exams are useful although less important than lessons. When we found out this result after having interviewed a hundred trainers and professors, we were surprised. Do not mistake yourself, it is not bad news! However, it is unfortunate that evaluations have been downgraded on

5 (big) problems Students live everyday

More and more solutions appear every day in the world of Education, in Higher Education. Nevertheless, the main actors in this universe, the students, are still victims of a number of problems. Some are social, others have to do with pedagogy, others are budgetary. Here are 5 recurring issues in student life. Stress This is

First steps for an efficient evaluation strategy

Whether we are talking about training or higher education, evaluation is the key. This allows us to determine the acquisition of skills by a learner, to determine the proper course of a pedagogy. It is the determining factor of an accomplished and effective training. If in professional training there is a real emphasis on the

Education’s responsibility for the climate crisis

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports are clear: the collapse of our industrial societies is here and it’s too late for sustainable development (Dennis Meadows has been saying this for decades, anyway), but we can still reduce the intensity of the shock. Macroeconomic data no longer hide the existence of a critical situation

How to (better) assess learners

As we demonstrated in this white paper, assessing learners can lead to many issues: stress, regression of learning, it is necessary to understand why grades and assessments are problematic. Should we stop grading? Should we assess differently? The problems Assessing has become problematic. Between 30% and 40% of American students experience anxiety due to exams. In

Neuromyths and memory: how do we learn?

For this new WeTestEd video, we decided to venture into the cognitive sciences and especially the neurosciences. “I learn better by listening than by reading.” “Oh yeah ?” “Yeah, I have a hearing memory.” We all said it one day. We would learn better through one meaning in particular. Thanks to Didask, I realized that …

5 pedagogies for 2019

Technology will never replace the teacher but rather help him to elevate himself and empower his methods and pedagogy. Thus, in this article, we will not just take a look at some Edtech tools, but rather on the pedagogies that can be enriched by these tools. 1. Peer Learning Peer learning is a pedagogy that

Why You Should Do Positioning Tests

Svetlana Meyer is a cognitive science researcher associated with the Psychology and NeuroCognition Laboratory. She is also the scientific manager at Didask. Didask is a French startup, of Edtech (obviously), which offers an online learning method that has the particularity of offering a pedagogy anchored in the cognitive sciences.” We particularly like what they do for the

Edtech, Higher Ed: What changes?

This week we are talking to Rémy Challe, the CEO of Edtech France, the new association gathering more and more startups of the French Edtech. On the menu, the state of Edtech in France and elsewhere, its problems and opportunities for the future. Has Edtech really succeeded in changing Higher Education for the better? What are the

Should we choose a university according to its ranking?

Today, if you’re not a part of the Higher education industry (not talking about the students here), how do you know if a particular university or business school is interesting, or simply good for you? That’s right, you look at rankings. Ok, you can also ask around you who went where and how the experience

Why Peer Learning is so effective

On the occasion of our first podcast WeTestEd, we had the opportunity to chat with Diane Lenne, CEO of the startup We Are Peers. We Are Peers is one of the Edtech startups currently in vogue in France. It must be said that they propose an innovative, effective and damn promising solution. What are they

A channel called WeTestEd

Hey everyone! We just wanted to tell you we decided to launch a new format of content called WeTestEd. Original no? WeTest (TestWe upside down) and Ed for Education? And WeTestEd like we tested this or that?. Ok anyway. Basically, it’s going to be podcasts and videos in an attempt to give you great, really

6 Ways You Should Assess Learners in 2019

Assessment is one the most important matter to take care of today. With the rise and demand for new skills, there’s a need for new ways to evaluate learners! What is sure is that standardized assessments are being left aside, little by little. Alternative assessments, on the contrary, are on the rise. Tech tools offer

Why Pecha Kucha is great for learning

Starting this new series on new ways to evaluate students skills, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr Keith Pond, director at EOCCS, the online program accreditation from EFMD. Students are evaluated on skills that don’t match what most of the employers need,? says Keith Pond, ?and there are ways to change that, notably

Accreditation Management 2.0: tips from Dr. Keith Pond

Getting accredited is becoming an ever more important task to fulfil for schools who want to prove their quality on the international scene. That’s especially the case for business schools. It is a tough thing to do for deans although the reward is more than interesting. It’s all about having efficient processes. Although it’s a hard

How does tomorrow’s teaching look like?

Dr. Palmer is Director of Online Learning at the University of Virginia. She sees an evolving role of faculty and then shifting organizational structures and processes to support those specific role requirements. She views some technology advances as tools to run towards and others to avoid. She sees a near future of faculty working collaborative

Why e-assessment helps to focus on learning?

Imagine students as a group of athletes who run and prepare for the Olympics. Beautiful, vigorous athletes. But there’s this thing, we don’t really understand why but their trainers give them these weird shoes to train. Ski shoes. They tell them to run faster than Usain Bolt with these. Quite hard to do right? Well,

AI vs Professors? What’s gonna happen?

Anthony Seldon is a British education expert that made the buzz in late 2017 by declaring that in 2027 teachers will be replaced by AI, offering a rich analysis explaining that it will, but it also should happen this way. The analysis was published in many, many, many influential media, like the World Economic Forum.

Top learning content and blogs to follow

Summer is about relaxing, of course. It’s also a great moment to get inspired for Back-to-school and fill yourself with ideas you’ll use to innovate in your pedagogy. You know, be prepared to impress them like never before. For this purpose, we found for you some great learning content and blogs you should follow to

Top 5 Learning analytics tools

Learning analytics is still in the air tonight. I previously delivered a report on Learning analytics and the infinite opportunities it offered to the world of Education. If you still have difficulty to understand what it is or how it works, I invite you to have a look at this document. It might help you! Learning

The French National School of Administration (ENA) now uses TestWe!

From June 22nd to 25th, the French national school of administration (ENA) let their learners take their Law and Public Finance exams in order to prepare them for the classification tests. ENA is a prestigious French institution that prepares since 1945 their students to become top national administrators, in France and in other countries. The school thus

Is it the beginning of the end for standardized tests?

More and more universities (ex: Yale, Columbia) in the US are dropping standardized tests as a requirement in students’ applications, making them optional. The reason is those top US universities until today had very low acceptance rates while students complained about the costs of required standardized tests like ACT or SAT. The results were that

Get accredited without hassle

Accreditations like AACSB or EQUIS are the keys to access the club of the world’s most prestigious schools in Higher Education. No need to say these accreditations are expensive, exhaustive and require drastic transformations of a school’s processes and organization. Getting them, renewing them and entertain continuous improvement can be a real hassle. First thing

6 steps to digitalise your tests

e-Assessments are among the top 7 trends of Edtech this 2018. More than simply digitizing assessments that you give to your students, more than making them pass the exams on their laptops, it is about improving learning and simplifying exam creation, grading. How does it improve learning? By offering the tools to the professors of

Why roleplaying is great for learning?

At the WTO event in 2018, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said something that must be understood, “to compete with machines we cannot teach knowledge” as we find it everywhere now. By telling “we have to teach something human, unique, so that machines cannot catch up with us”, Jack Ma points at “soft skills” and “values”

Why do we learn so much from video essays?

In a previous article, we told you about our 10 apps and platforms we used to learn and among these was Youtube. Youtube not only made a platform that lets people share videos from everywhere around the world on a particular topic, it also made knowledge totally, mind-blowingly exciting. And there’s a specific area that has

eSport unrolls its red carpet into Education

1.1 billion dollars, that’s what the eSport industry will represent next year. Understandable when you realize it attracts millions of fans around its exciting and engaging games and champions. From the epic adventures of World of Warcraft (Blizzard) to dynamic and strategic face-to-face team fights of League of Legends (Riot Games), it hasn’t been that difficult