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How about an accreditation process that's not a hassle?

TestWe helps to collect learning data and automatically centralizes them. All in one place. Stop spending time at collecting. Start making something out of it!

How we help?

Manage with ease your learning goals and objectives.
Bring clarity with data to better communicate with your teams.
Centralize your academic data and work faster on your Self Evaluation Reports.

« Thanks to its many functionalities, TestWe simplifies access to and use of all data, thus it greatly facilitates our accreditation process. »

Guilta Dab Dab
Accreditation Manager at ESA Liban

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Getting data is great. But what do you do with it? No worries we help you ease the process.

EQUIS is the european equivalent of the AACSB. Being known as difficult to gain and retain the label, it focuses more on the international dimension of the applicant school and its link to the professional world. Get accredited for 3 or 5 years.
We help your institution meet the requirements of EQUIS Chapter 2. Our platform is a planner and a mapper for each of your professors and faculty managers. They will be able to organize:


Learning outcomes


learning goals (LG)


learning objectives (LO)



Centralizing data has always been a hassle. Not anymore. With TestWe you'll centralize and organize easily your LG/LO and other learning data

  • 83% of accreditation managers consider data collection as a priority.

  • 76% find it hard.

  • We make it 100% easier for you.

Created in 1916, AACSB is the most famous accreditation for Business Schools. It focuses on the quality of a business school's active research, pedagogy and more recently, innovation.
TestWe makes meeting the accordance with Standard 8, 9, 10 and 12 easier!

Standard 8 designates curricula management and assurance of learning.

10th designates student - faculty interactions.

Le 9th is about curriculum content.

12th concerns teaching effectiveness.

AMBA is an international accreditation for MBA and DBA programs. It ensures that a school entertains a relationship with the professional world, responds to a company's needs and assures that students find high quality positions following their studies.

Our platform is your solution to facilitate your school's accordance with Principles 6.1, 6.2, and the entire 8th Principle.

For example, our academic data reporting will let your professors and faculty manager access detailed follow-ups of your students which will tell you how well they meet your learning goals and objectives (P 8.1, 8.2).

EOCCS is a new accreditation and online learning community, launched in 2016 under the guidance of the group EFMD (where we also find the EQUIS, EPAS and CLIP accreditations). It's goal is to provide an accreditation of online courses for business schools and corporate universities.

It's essentially the first accreditation for e-Learning!

Are you interested by the idea of accrediting your online course? Follow the footsteps of the 18 pioneer schools such as HEC Paris, ESSCA School of Management or even IE Business School. The accreditation EOCCS shows the institution's engagement in digital and cultural innovation!