We are TestWe !

TestWe's role is to rethink the evaluation support in order to rationalize the entire process to offer a tailor-made solution, as close as possible to the subject taught and this in order to save time and money. and administrative resources, while creating wealth through program content.

TestWe provides a secure, offline interface for both classroom and remote exams, from an entire class to a single student, to increase user performance.

Today, TestWe is used daily in over 12 countries by over 100 institutions. With more than 5 million tests organized each year, TestWe is a major player in online testing platforms.

Our leaders

Benoît Sillard


TestWe's president, Benoît brings expertise and experience at the service of education. He leads the overall strategy of TestWe and coordinates teams.

Clément Regnier


In charge of business development and partnerships, Clément and his team accompany the partner institutions in the establishment of a digitization strategy exams, project definition and technical deployment.

Charles Zhu


Product Development Officer, Charles and his team design the online examination platform of tomorrow while providing new features every day keeping their sights like user experience and simplicity.


Our mission is to re-think the evaluation process in order to ameliorate the overall system and therefore offer a solution tailored to the needs of institutions. What for? Save time, money and retain faculty. Today, TestWe is used daily and our customers make the most of our automated grading platform.


Provide a simple, secure and offline to help our partner institutions to optimize their evaluation process both in face-distancial while allowing students and candidates to use their own tools (BYOD).

Our values




Press is talking about us

TestWe is the lucky winner and finalist of a large number of competitions startupsphere like "Great Prize for Innovation of the City of Paris", "100 days to undertake", "Digital Innovation Contest - BPI France", "HypeAwards", "Mercury HEC"...

Accompanied by his partner BPI France and the Ile de France, TestWe annually invests in innovation and R & D to strengthen the education of tomorrow.